RDCworld1 vs. Through The Wire Podcast BASKETBALL Game | feat. Marcelas Howard - bestfungamesll.com

RDCworld1 vs. Through The Wire Podcast BASKETBALL Game | feat. Marcelas Howard

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THE REMATCH IS HERE! RDCworld1 played against the guys from Through The Wire Podcast in an intense basketball game, featuring special guest Marcelas Howard!

The FIRST game →
Supreme Dreams Show feat: RDCworld1 →
MORE Through The Wire Podcast →


Marcelas Howard:

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  1. Mark done threw the g down 🤣 right way boa

  2. Mark Phillips eating the glass out here!

  3. must be so annoying playing with marcelas, dude almost never pass, mark doesnt either. poor ben and dylan

  4. Nobody else heard mark say I’ll beat yo ahh lol

  5. Having Cel on your team was definitely a cheat code Mark. Buuuut it's still #RDCGANG

  6. Lol no one in RDC can shoot. They got carried hard

  7. This should have an asterisk cuz d mills wasn’t there he would of dominated

  8. Mark outrebounding all those dudes that are way bigger than him, hustle king

  9. Mark the only one on RDC that can hoop 😭

  10. I mean Cel was HOOPER HOOPER like u know what I mean.

  11. Love how marcelas rocking dev merch in the lab good game thou love your channels rdcworld and more cel

  12. Ben is a sorry big man 😂 Be more confident man you got length

  13. 10-10
    Mark 💁🏿‍♂️10-9 🤣😂😂😂

  14. Mark out here like, "Board man get paid." (insert Kawhi laugh)

  15. My boy Kenny caught lacking on that first play

  16. That dude in the purple(Keyshawn Jr) BALLIN!

  17. RCDC trash 🗑 still won only cus of Marcelas 😄😄

  18. Mark had to trade some RDC for some hoopers

  19. kenny and dylan just be standing on the side on offense.. kenny one good skill not being used with him guarding dylan. you should've put mike on dylan

  20. I love through the wire but I also love marcelous so

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