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RAW: Teen shot during high school basketball game, police say

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Gunfire erupted Saturday night during a basketball game between South Oak Cliff and Justin F. Kimball High Schools at the Ellis Davis Field House, according to officials. Full story:

Note: This video has been edited for profanity.


  1. Which one died??? Sorry I've been tryna figure out who got shot and where the shots came from

  2. Bro its sad to see that all the people from the whole bleachedrs and other opposing team ran

  3. This culture is useless! Basseball beez gud to me!

  4. mfs is stopping to watch bruh IM GONNA BE OUTTA THEREEEEE

  5. And they still say defund the police🤡🧠🤏

  6. I like how people still sitting there chillin

  7. Maaaan dem white cops just shooting & killing all dos black a boys 🙂🤣. Keep on keepin on wit your BlackLiesMatter propaganda.

  8. Central African Republic  and South Africa were much safer and wealthier when Europeans ran those countries.

  9. And because this is the land of the free we get to have guns. America was built on guns but Thats old school. Now we have the military to take care of that

  10. All guns need to be abolished. We need to get passed this point in civilization

  11. There's Trump again in those white supremacists trying to destroy our race BLM though right??

  12. And I just wanted to see my sister step in her middle school game-

  13. WAIT what school was this??
    Im currently going to South Oak cliff and I haven’t even started yet 😭

  14. Teachers Justin’s out of the classroom again

  15. Dang , so sorry for these kids
    That's serious sad when innocence can't be kept 🙁
    I know these are high school kids but they are still so young , to be dealing with something even adults should never have to

    Sick crazy twisted world

  16. That first cheerleader went Olympic 🏃🏾‍♀️🥇

  17. Idk if it’s true but I heard that the shooter was being bullied everyday by the victim and his group everyday. Can someone confirm and fact-check that?

  18. Crazy thing it coulda been there but i didnt go.

  19. bro of course they shot it's basketball did they make the bucket because it sounded like they dropped a brick

  20. I bet it was just a confused player. He didn’t understand what shooting the basketball meant

  21. That's why you have metal detectors to have people go through at the entrances to prevent stuff like this.

  22. Why do you go out if you need a gun stay home people

  23. When the culture says this acceptable, you shouldn’t be shocked.

  24. The people who didn’t run like we used to this

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