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Rare NBA Moments With Female Referees!

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NBA “Fouling in love” Moments – not only when Luka Doncic fell in love with the referee, but all the highlights about women referees and ballers. So, this video is all about NBA moments that make you laugh and enjoy the most impressive players oops.

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  1. Since LBJ will get in trouble for kissing other women, I wonder whether I could shoot my shot at Lebron's beautiful wife. I don't have any $ though. So my games gotta be strong 💪. Not basketball though, Bronny Jr. could probably beat me to the hoop with one hand.🤣

  2. Why are you stupid enough to call me by my stepdaughter‘s name still?
    Yeah let’s call the whole attack of every woman in my entire family a day while you all show for Hillary Clinton. Yeah let’s call that a day

  3. That would have gotten the ref fired,,,,and lebron suspended

  4. The fact that he took his time to make a video on players & refs, & clickbaited with lebron & a ref,🤦🏾‍♂️ You sir have no life, Want attention, & don't get no p****,😂😭

  5. The ref is making those calls cause she ain't getting any attention

  6. I'm not with the fuckin click bait shit you think that LeBron wife would be alright with that?

  7. I am thinking the same thing,
    Casa .

  8. Click bate these people need 2 get sue!!! Y did they show a pic of LeBron kissing a referee that shit ain't cool 😒

  9. I hate to say this but I would not want to be a lady ref with all those BIG bodies around

  10. Idol lebron pls give me jersey t-shirt


  12. Funny how so many people didn't realize the cover image was photoshopped. Came here just to read people's reactions…they did not disappoint😂 😂

  13. As soon as I read the tittle I knew luka was in here 😂

  14. This was great. Much fun! Things you said made me laugh too. Ty for the great time😁.

  15. I stopped watching the NBA after women were allowed to ref.

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