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Rare NBA Moments With Female Referees!

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NBA “Fouling in love” Moments – not only when Luka Doncic fell in love with the referee, but all the highlights about women referees and ballers. So, this video is all about NBA moments that make you laugh and enjoy the most impressive players oops.

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  1. Please put thumbs down for click bait. This crap needs to stop.

  2. I knew the thumbnail was fake. I came for the comments😂

  3. Ref has no taste.letting a black man kiss her..poopie

  4. Switch and bait …give this a thumb d0wn

  5. Lebron the ugly looking nba player kissing a beautiful lady referee? whooo!!!! makes a decent guy puke!

  6. Broads refereeing men's sports is a travesty.

  7. I died at Steph Curry wants you to subscribe 😂

  8. Sooner or later somebody's wife is going to get mad and start a lawsuit against podcasts. 😅

  9. I think the part that disturbed me the most is the fact that nobody cares what affect this doctored photo could have had on Lebron s marriage. The fact that people would do anything for attention, including destroy a man’s relationship with his wife is absolutely appalling. Shame on whoever put this photo up, and please know that we will all stand before God in judgment one day. You will answer for your deeds. This is purely sick and inconsiderate.

  10. Lie for making people watch the video! What a pity! What's that fake kiss? It's clear that the fact that Steph Curry want me to suscribe is a fake news.

  11. Looks like emotions rule the game with her

  12. Your video sucks. Did a fly take a crap on your lens?

  13. Lesson: if your video sucks just do clickbait!

  14. Poor ref… why they harassing them.

  15. 2:03 Are you quite certain that this is why she gives a technical? I highly doubt it. I was a basketball referee for 20 years and from her body language, I think she's giving a technical to the player on the court (most likely for running his mouth), not to the guy taking the throw-in. Besides, I have never EVER heard of a rule that requires a team to wait resuming of the game. Once the referee gives the ball to the player, he may take the throw-in. Anything else doesn't make sense in any way, even less if there's TV coverage, because they always seem to enjoy rules that speed up the game.

  16. Never falling a thumbnail like that again. 😐 Still enjoyed the video, but would rather have seen a legit image instead.

  17. So ppl can watch the video, they showed everything but the actual video

  18. Wow I thing am also falling in love with referee❤😊

  19. Thosr woman refeies like all that kissing and rubing. Many years ago when i was bout i remember all those withe woman who made a big huge fuss bout not being able yo ho in the mens lockers to interview the players a bunch oe white woman it was alll ovet the news but being young then i wax saying to myself why would woman want to be in a mans locker roome where they shower. Fart talk scrap walk around nacked now that im oldet i see why they fought to be in there locker rooms so they get what they wanted a pinch a tap a kiss why else eould they want to go iny to a man nasty cmellie locker room what normal woman eould wanto ho in there even there eives dont want to its a wonder they javent goten lots of lawsuites saying he toutch my butt or he looked at me to long ant that what happens in a mens locker room thousand of you were going to go to court to see why you couldent go in the mens locker room when you wanted

  20. O knew labron ant kiss none of those woman cause his wife savanna looks better then them all plus she a lady

  21. Women have no business officiating in the NBA. it’s just another example of what a farce it has become. Absolutely ridiculous.

  22. The demeanor of feeling stars very inferior to MJ in skills.

  23. Why are you demanding that we like the video before we even see it???

  24. Siil weyne qaniis ween gus ween waxaa u sameesatay qaniis ween ayaa tahay gusna waa lagaa ween yahay gusna ma lihidee naagta ma fareenee fareeye far fareeeye kkkķ magicii fareeye ileen qaniista naagaha 😮 waala fareeyaaa hada aniga hada saxir ayaa maskaxda iga fareenoosaaaa kkkkk ileen gacmo waa fareeye kkkkk qosol noloshaan kkkķ qaniis qaniisad fareeye kkkk fareeyo maa u jiree kkkkk 😊😅😮😢😂 ileen naagtu waa cudur cudurkana waa la fareeyaa lieen cudurka waa cucun waa la xoqaaa kkkk gacan kkkkk kkkk 😊😅😅😊😅😮😢

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