Purdue at Indiana | Big Ten Men's Basketball | Highlights | Jan. 20, 2022 - bestfungamesll.com

Purdue at Indiana | Big Ten Men’s Basketball | Highlights | Jan. 20, 2022

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Rob Phinisee scored a career high 20 points in the 68-65 upset win over rival Purdue.


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  1. Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good 😊

  2. Coach Woodson for AP coach of the year

  3. Hoo Hoo Hoosiers !!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  4. Ho hoo hooo Hoosiers dis team can play wit anyone n clearly Woodson da man fo da job we play d not just relying on offense NCAA tournament we comin no cap lol stay safe RIP Bob Saget Betty White Sidney Poitier BLM God bless stop all dis hate checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

  5. Go Hoosiers! That last shot took a day off my life before it bounced out. Great work by everyone to win.12-0 at home!

  6. Let’s go Hoosier we will sweep Purdue this year mark my words 😤😤😤

  7. Since when do we storm our own floor beating Purdue? Pathedic!

  8. First of all great gutsy call by Hoosier coach to set up a play for a 3 off the inbound. Tough shot he could’ve missed but was very clutch.

  9. Glad to hear Assembly Hall rocking!Its been far too long…

  10. Can't judge kids having fun, but rushing the court against Purdue is not a good look for the program. Which speaks more to IU's failures than Purdue's success.

  11. Great game guys, very proud of the team this group is becoming. I do feel we finally have the right coaching staff back in B-town! Keep up the hard work Hoosiers

  12. It was the Rob Phinese show. He really did his thing

  13. Where the top 25 votes at for IU now dam stay hating

  14. The last 2 minutes of that game contributed to my receding hair line. Lets go Hoosiers💪🏼

  15. That cut by phinisee!!!!! Best freaking win all year. I dont care what happens from here on out. You can't beat knocking off a #4 team like that.

  16. Boiler down, can't hold pressure due to rivets leaking.

  17. Really didn’t want them to shoot that 3 at the end, I thought it was going to be a mistake. I’m glad Woodson let phinisee take it. The confidence he’s giving these guys is amazing. Gutsy call & it paid off. So happy for these boys, what a win!

  18. easy win against the boilers….our gameplan was not to play TJD the whole game…..great job in executing that…..ok obviously im joking what a win! Purdue is really really really good…GO HOOSIERS!

  19. shud cut the whole team just an absolute flop

  20. Pretty soon there will be a number in front of INDIANA 🤝💪🏼

  21. virtually none of Rob's first half makes the highlights? that seems off

  22. Hats off to the Hoosiers what they did with Trayce Jackson on the bench most the night was impressive. We got the next game tho😁Boiler Up✌️

  23. T. HarRiMaN, Fun Fiction with a Purpose. Hi! says:

    Thrilling–but I would've had a heart attack or thrown up. Or both. Go, IU!

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