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Portland State vs Northern Arizona INSANE Ending | 2023 College Basketball

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The 2023 College Basketball game between Portland State and Northern Arizona had an absolutely insane ending that came down to the buzzer.

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  1. That’s insane!! And the dude’s voice just SHOWS you how insane!!

  2. The end of their first meeting in Portland was wild, too.

  3. Looks like his foot (toe) crossed the inbound line on that Grant Hill pass but that's none of my business…👀

  4. I had friends that wrestled for both Portland St and Northern Arizona. So, it's pretty cool seeing them.

  5. I went to Portland State for a field trip back in 2014 as an 8th grader. This brings a smile to my face!

  6. This is the basketball equivalent of Plano/John Taylor 1994.

  7. Look at the ref near midcourt at 3:07 count the basket with every ounce of authority he has.

  8. Portland lost to this kinda shot Portland state won on that shot

  9. Portland State: *won the first meeting between those two teams this year on a buzzer-beater

    Northern Arizona: They can’t possibly do it again!

  10. If it ain’t over til it’s over was a person wow absolutely amazing

  11. The clock doesn’t even start till after the shot is out of his hands. Shouldn’t have counted .04 is almost impossible to pull ball back and shoot but either way cool ending.

  12. If you watch the clock on the NAU three, the ball hasn't even exited the net yet and there is still .4 on the clock. I wonder what the precise rule is on that? Looked like it could have easily been ruled .2, if it has to be all the way through the net, then stop the clock.

  13. The craziest few days of college basketball

  14. You miss that many free throws you are bound to lose.

  15. Most insane game winner I’ve ever seen

  16. That was insane. I wanted to see some of those fan's faces that had been cheering right before

  17. It’s like climbing a very tall mountain, reaching the top, getting your phone ready for a selfie, and getting kicked right back down before you officially capture the moment. Drama.

  18. I've seen a million buzzer beaters and I honestly can't think of a more spectacular, unbelievable play than this. The 94 foot pass, the great catch and release in under 0.4, and the incredible shot. 100 times more difficult than Derek Fisher's shot.

  19. bruhhhh these games make no sense anymore

  20. "The Lumberjacks win it! I can't believe it!" Well you shouldn't believe it because they didn't win it.

  21. Nobody talking about the kid who hit the game winner breaking his wrist on the play.

  22. March Madness is going to be insane this year clearly. Nobody is safe!

  23. Why was .4 added back to the clock in the first place?

  24. Of all the crazy things I've seen in basketball.That might be the craziest..agree?

  25. Stage/setting aside (it's not even on the list, it's that insignificant), this is objectively the most insane buzzer beater in basketball history. Grant Hill to Christian Laettner full-court pass into Derek Fisher vs the Spurs 0.4 shot leaning fadeaway. It's so crazy I can't think of 2 other all-time shots/plays to combo to match up with it. Unbelievable.

  26. I challenge anyone to find a single play and shot that is more difficult than that. Most difficult ending win in basketball history

  27. The exact reason why I say sports fans are the most bipolar people in the world. One second you're ecstatic, the next you are depressed.

  28. I thought it was the first shot and thought that's not even impressive until they reset the clock to 0.4 sec 😳😳😳 wow…better than a full court shots I've seen. And that throw from both players 💪👍

  29. The referee on the left side of the screen at 3:07 almost threw his ARM OUT OF SOCKET with the EMPHATIC signal that the basket was good.😂 You can tell he was hype, you only see refs like that in a rec league.🤣🤣

  30. unbelievable….our girl hit a shot to beat byu with 0.6 secs left…..

  31. Imagine the rollercoaster of emotions on both teams 😱

  32. #21 is cold blooded. No fear or hesitation in both of those shots. Other side just had more going for them

  33. Pfft! Wasn't that special….Well….Yeah it was. Lol

  34. PSU= Pathetic State University, spoken by an alum

  35. I thought for sure the game was over half way through, wondering why the comment says watch to the end 😂

  36. This one is an instant classic now in the top 5 all time buzzer beaters right there with duke Kentucky and lakers spurs and the Gonzaga ucla buzzer beater and big shot bob vs the kings also..

  37. Wow… Early contender for best ending of the year. That was crazy

  38. Easiest contender for buzzer beater of the decade maybe even of all time.

  39. this is probably the biggest match ending of all time, pure insanity

  40. Underrated ending, this was 1 in several million.

  41. I noticed that #25 who bricked the 2 free throws was the one who made that awesome inbound pass at the end.

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