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Poland v Croatia | Full Basketball Game | FIBA EuroBasket 2025 Pre-Qualifiers

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Watch the Second Round game between Poland and Croatia at the FIBA EuroBasket 2025 Pre-Qualifiers. #EuroBasket

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  1. Da nam nije Zubca gubili bi svaku po 20-30.

  2. Co to za DJ? Wiocha na cały świat! To koszykówka a nie wiejska biesiada.

  3. Bogdanovic defense is ugly to watch … He is taken out under a by 6`1 guy!!! C`mon man…

  4. В чем секрет этой сборной Польши 🤔 вроде нет супер звезд но как достойно играют. С турками.. Грузией и вот вчера за малым хорватов не ущучили с их нба-шниками!?

  5. Мясник всё же вернулся..не было в товарках.

  6. LoL Bogdanovich gets blocked 15:36 ,. this is not NBA , in Europe they play defense 😁
    again Bogy 43:47

  7. wow, they miss so many shots and make turnovers all the time…. I cannot believe they are professional players

  8. Every time I watch polish team playing with anyone they lose

  9. 1:50:23 wow, tied game with 2 minutes left in the final quarter and Ponitka nutmegs Zubac for the assist and easy two points.

  10. FIBA, WILL YOU TRANSLATE HERE IN YouTube Channel Eurobasket games?

  11. Happy for the win but disappointed with their low quality play with 4 players having ‘NBA experience’ , the poles looked like an all star team . Thankfully they got it together in time. When was that match ?? It wasn’t even listed on the official qualifier webpage. Here it reads 2 days ago uploaded.

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