Playstation (PSX) Basketball Games History -

Playstation (PSX) Basketball Games History

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Game List:
College Slam 00:10
NBA Basketball 2000 00:43
NBA Hangtime 01:23
NBA Hoopz 02:05
NBA in the Zone 02:45
NBA in the Zone 2 03:26
NBA in the zone 98 04:08
NBA in the zone 99 04:48
NBA in the zone 2000 05:31
NBA Jam T.E 06:10
NBA Jam Extreme 06:53
NBA Live 96 07:34
NBA Live 97 08:16
NBA Live 98 08:56
NBA Live 99 09:37
NBA Live 2000 10:17
NBA Live 2001 10:58
NBA Live 2002 11:37
NBA Live 2003 12:17
NBA Pro 98 12:54
NBA ShootOut 13:36
NBA ShootOut 97 14:14
NBA ShootOut 98 14:56
NBA ShootOut 2000 15:36
NBA ShootOut 2001 16:17
NBA ShootOut 2002 16:57
NBA ShootOut 2003 17:36
NBA ShootOut 2004 18:17
NBA Showtime – NBA on NBC 18:58
NBA Fastbreak 98 19:36
NCAA Basketball Final Four 97 20:16
NCAA Final Four 99 20:56
NCAA Final Four 2000 21:37
NCAA Final Four 2001 22:16
NCAA March Madness 99 22:56
NCAA March Madness 2000 23:37
NCAA March Madness 2001 24:16
Slam ‘n Jam ’96 Featuring Magic & Kareem 24:57
Space Jam 25:37
1 on 1 26:16


  1. remember those days no wife and kids just gaming with no interruptions day one purchasing.

  2. I played the shit out of NBA Basketball 2000, betting and getting drunk with my friends back in the day

  3. I would really appreciate if someone named all the games in following order.

  4. NBA Live 2000 and NBA Shootout 97 the BEST basket games on PS1

  5. Should have put them in order of year released and put name on games footage shown.

  6. NBA In the Zone was ok, I'm just confused by the fact that the series was made by Konami.

  7. I remember nba courtside college hoops 2K5 before I got into live and of course march madness 07

  8. Now those were games wayback during the PSX era I love college basketball games and the nba in the zone series I've played them and some college and pro basketball games from 989 sports great memories of the games and NBA Jam series with NBA on NBC! Missed playing them since we gotten real looking players games in NBA live series and NBA2K series in PS3 and in PS4.

  9. Michael Jordan was gard 98 or 99 they didn't have the license for his name

  10. Graphics look good….what kind of TV are u specifically using to display this video????

  11. I remember these games being much better lol

  12. Hi! Is there anyone who Knows the name of a game kind of like mario bros but with a basketball player?

  13. Worst. Graphics. Ever. Especially compared to PlayStation five graphics. And the gameplaying was awful

  14. This look like something straight from Sega Dreamcast era

  15. That spurs court looks good. I hope they use that one when they wear their city jerseys

  16. Muggsy played for the Warriors? I didn’t know that

  17. Slam n' Jam 96 is my favorite. The court doesn't look that crappy folks, it's just the emulation.

  18. I make full use of the custom teams on the ps1 versions of both nba live 2000 and 2001 and I have 22 prime versions of both wilt chamberlain and bill russell

  19. Nba live 99, in the zone 2000, nba live 2003

  20. I remember NBA shout 97 VERY well, lol. Most don't know about that.

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