Playing 1 on 1 Basketball: Game 1 -

Playing 1 on 1 Basketball: Game 1

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I play 1 on 1 against an Asian.

The asian guy’s channel:

I play 1 on 1 against an asian human in this video. The series is best of 3. This is game 1. There’s shooting, driving, lay ups, and everything else. Where else are you gonna find a 1 on 1 game like that except for every 1 on 1 game that’s ever been played. No where. Hope you like the video 🙂
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  1. brandon got that marcus camby jump and that shawn marion release

  2. these videos are great to watch post more like them.

  3. Nice to see you play 1 on 1, but instead of just a commentary maybe add a little bit of editing, I know your on vacation and didn't have time but for future if you decide to use these types of videos!! Really enjoyable

  4. wow u suck why am i watching ur videos to learn when i could be using code "SHOTMECHANICS" for 10% off my next buttplug

  5. Zach Lavine what is your reaction about your trade?

  6. Holy fuck You can actually play😂😂😂

  7. Brandon's shooting form😂
    worse than lamello

  8. why do you look like you're gonna kill bramdon when you walk up to key

  9. Come on, guys! A little bit of hustle wouldn't hurt. You both literally don't guard the 3 point line at all. At least put a hand up when your opponent is shooting to challenge the shot. Don't just stand there and watch the guy shoot a practice shot.

  10. Ali no hate but ur shot looks like it has a thumb flick

  11. Whats funny is that your shot is actually pretty good and consistent, keep it up bro

  12. When your mum force you to make up with your friend by playing 1 on 1 😂😂😂😂

  13. he tries to teach us how to play basketball when he doesn't know how to play 😂 why doesn't he follow through with his shot. ok well TBH I actually really like this YouTuber so idrc

  14. Damn U gt 77k subs now do u remember my name for when u had 7k?

  15. not tryna hate but that form just really bothers me

  16. you need to go to doctor and get yo neck checkd out fam and back and shit

  17. I could beat you you know why cos I actually have good post moves

  18. Your shot really works but looks broke haha

  19. I love how this dude just is confident enough to post this. Nothing but love ma dude

  20. That dude is so soft that he has to shoot with 2 hands looool😂😂

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