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Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina Condensed Game | 2021-22 ACC Men’s Basketball

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The Pitt Panthers earned a 76-67 win in Chapel Hill over North Carolina. Ithiel Horton led the Panthers with 19 points on 5 of 9 shooting and added 5 rebounds in the game. John Hugley scored 18 points and grabbed 5 boards, Jamarius Burton scored 14 with 7 rebounds and Femi Odukale dished out 9 assists to go along with his 10 points for Pitt. Caleb Love scored 19 points and Brady Manek delivered 12 points and 10 rebounds for the Tar Heels.


  1. The players have to do a lot more on the defensive end.

  2. I'm still amazed at the turn-around we have seen. Think about it, this is what the should have been national champs were like only four short months ago.

  3. Looking back,this game was a blessing in disguise. Heels been on a roll since!

  4. Way to show up Bacot. Davis made his best move of the year by sitting him. He should do that more often. Brady is gassed for sure but still plays hard. Good to see Walton hit a couple of basket. On to VA Tech for what may be the play in game. Go Heels!

  5. unc doesn’t deserve to be in the tournament. FUCK them.

  6. Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina Condensed Game

  7. Carolina gonna tear it up in the NIT. And by that I mean lose in the first round. They aren't even worthy of that tournament either tbh.

  8. Hubert Davis is Matt Doherty 2.0 so far. Maybe he can turn it around when he gets his own recruits in the program.

  9. Maybe UNC fans should worry about their own coach instead of Scheyer & Amaker

  10. Please start the last 5 guys on the bench that want to really play. Please.

  11. I saw something on Twitter that made me laugh! I'm an impartial fan when it comes to major college basketball! I do despise Carolina due to the majority of their fanbase concedingly believing that everyone should bow down to them, but at same time have respected their program and coaches over the years (been a DI college basketball fan since I was 9 – 1981)! Anyway back to the laugh – that Twitter post said the person couldn't remember a time in their life when Carolina basketball had them feeling so down and then stated they were pretty old! My initial thought was – this person can't be that old because the 2002 edition of the Tar Holes went 8-20 overall with only two league wins! If this person stated they're pretty old they must have had blinders on during the '01-'02 season! This team (2021-22), although they've been as up and down as the stock market, is better than that club! Also this person isn't as much of a fan as they claim or they'd have remembered how bad '02 Carolina was! True fans remember every season, good or bad!

  12. Same old UNC problem…no mental toughness or discipline. Soft team and can't stop anyone when it matters. #24 on UNC sucks at defense…might as well have a scarecrow out there in his place.

  13. Love waits till there's 10 minutes left to start attacking

  14. Ithiel Horton… PROBLEM. Pitt +13.5 easiest money I've made all year. Absolutely love betting against this poorly coached UNC team

  15. Terrible Terrible Lost….got out hustled out played…..just Terrible to a below average team….I don't know what to make of this Tarheel team

  16. Very poor showing. Pitt with a losing record comes in and dominates. Very poor.

  17. Funny that UNC fans thought after the FSU gm they would keep it rolling and thought they could in turn hang with good teams. Well now it seems they can't even hang with bad teams. That final score is not indicative of how bad Pitt dominated pretty much the entire gm. Minus the first and last few min. And it blows my mind that no matter who's the coach, they still have no desire to tell the players to guard the 3 pt line.

  18. I dont get between this gm and the BC/ND gm that happened tonight also, why both at ND and UNC there were so many empty seats. Both teams are in the top 5 in the ACC, and their fanbases couldn't even fully show up. And UNC needs to move that student section. Such a dumb, terrible spot for it behind the goal. Put it behind the benches and kick out those weak fans who sit there currently. Hell they didn't even start getting pumped and trying to help rally until UNC was down by 15+. That crowd is a joke and the wine and cheese moniker is slowly starting to creep back in.

  19. Did we just rlly lose to a team name Pittsburgh

  20. Basically, there were zero new recruits who came in. Of the 3 transfers, the best one left in the middle of the season and didn't return (Garcia). The two best post players left (one to the NBA, the other to Auburn). You're left with very mediocre perimeter players, no depth in the post, and no bench. If the ACC weren't so down this year, this team would be below .500.

  21. Carolina fans could help their team by showing up for the game. There were a lot of empty seats even on the lower level. Has Hubert Davis already lost the fan base in his first season? If it wasn’t for the consistency of the transfer portal addition of Manek the Tarheels would be an NIT team at best.

  22. As a Pitt fan I'm just as surprised and pleased as anybody with a win over UNC. Honestly didn't expect it at Carolina. But let's get one thing straight. This team has played without Ithiel Horton and Nike Sibande most of the year. And if you've followed college bb you know they had about a dozen games that were close, losing by single digits. They stay competitive, but lack a true PG and sleep on defense a little too much. But this team can give most teams a run for their money. Hugley and Horton are the real deal. And when Sibande comes back next year I expect a lot of these close losses to become wins. That's if everybody comes back and this transfer portal doesn't decimate them like it did a year or so ago.

  23. Carolina has a shooting guard and a lower percentage shooting guard, neither of whom play defense consistently… in fact the team defense is sort of like a hula hoop made of cotton candy…. soft and pretty much anything can get through.

  24. I do not understand how Pitt dominated UNC so bad during that game while having such an abysmal record? Pitt looked really strong from beyond the arc.

  25. Kids only play for themselves to get a big name on their resume. They don’t care about winning for the college, university, or the fans. Roy Williams could not get through to them so he had to stop before he choked somebody.

  26. If they were alive today, Dean Smith, Bill Guthridge, and Frank McGwire would have been “Distraught” to see what their team our Tar Heels that they built has become. To say that they would have been very disturbed to see what we have become is an understatement especially knowing that Coach Davis played for Coach Smith. Coach Smith would be upset in Carolina today.

  27. The first half of this game was so bad Gordon Lightfoot is gonna write a song about it.

  28. At least it was cool for us UNC fans to hear Wes Durham call the game. Sounds just like his dad. Wish he had taken over after Woody retired instead of Jones Angell. I know Angell has his own unique voice and all, but he doesn't seem like he has a real sportscaster voice to me. Especially during exciting moments in the game. Sounds like he has a cold during those moments. 😂😂

  29. after last evening's performance,I think we're NIT bound(but never say never,they have five games left and there is still the ACC Tournament)smh… can't rain all the time,GO HEELS!!!

  30. Hubert Davis was an affirmative action hire. wes miller should have gotten the job or possibly a few others. carolina will spend 3 or 4 years wallowing in the doldrums cause you know what everyone will say if you fire him now.

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