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Pittsburg State vs #5 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 11 3 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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Pittsburg State vs #5 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 11 3 2022
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  1. Yo, Pitt went above and beyond the call in this game.The fact that it was not a 50 point with for KU is Pitt doing what they should have been doing.

  2. I always love watching these preseason exhibitions tbh. Pretty cool to see small schools get that opportunity

  3. Sorry to bother but do you think you’ll post the IU game. It’s all good either way 👍

  4. Kansas should work on their free throws more

  5. It's early but there are definitely some dawgs on this kansas team, similar to last year's champions

  6. Gradey Dick is the perfect off-ball wing prospect. He can fit into any system at the NBA level.

  7. i love you so much matthew you're doing God's work

  8. I’m sorry but gradey should start over kj

  9. Dang I didn’t know that Kansas was that delusional saying “world’s loudest arena” like maybe the State of Kansas’ loudest arena lmao

  10. As a Missouri Southern State student I love coach Jeff boschee. He had a great run while at MSSU. However as a Mssu student not a big fan of Pittsburg State.

  11. Was there in person first experience in Allen Fieldhouse Pitt State started on a 12-0 run not a lot of d2 teams let alone d1 teams do that

  12. Pitt. St. has a good Team, but it seems their defense kinda went flat foot, towards the end of the first half. (Gotta rotate them players more effectively maybe ??)

  13. Thank you Matthew… You're Videos are "Game"… E.L.K.

  14. Went to the game last night and had a great time.

  15. This was my type of game. KU (My favorite team) being able to pull away in the second half and then also Pitt State (My Local team) being able to keep it close throughout a good portion of the game. Rock Chalk and Go Gorillas

  16. Gradey dick forgive for saying in the next few years gives me Larry bird vibes

  17. Refs wasn’t calling anything on Kansas

  18. Gradey is him, need to work on the beginning nerves tho from the squad, but once we got going we couldn’t be stopped

  19. I tell you what, I'm a KU fan and I know these in-state D-II schools pretty well. Jeff Boschee (I saw him play at KU when I was growing up) is going to have that team ready to play. Pitt State is going to be a very tough team to beat.

  20. These boys will be ready to get another big 12 under their belt come conference time! Wouldn't another NCAA be great too! Since they got cheated out of it in 2020 cause of COVID (BEST KU team I ever saw in 2020)

  21. I think Pitt State is going to have a good season in D-2 play.

  22. Kansas getting away with a lot of Charges

  23. Hey Matt! Thanks again for uploading. Keep up the good work! I'd love to see a summary for the Kansas-Omaha bbal game as well!

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