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Our First EVER Basketball Game Is Manila Clasico! (This is FIRE!)

Dodo Explorers
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Manila Clasico, the legendary, dramatic PBA game is one of the most important basketball matches in the Philippines! Ginebra and Magnolia are teams both loved by their fans and we finally go to one of these epic games. We will show you the full experience of a Filipino basketball game and how a team won by recovering 15 points in the last minutes of the game.

Thank you to everyone recommending us to come to the Manila Clasico!

Join our exploration!

00:00 Welcome to Manila Clasico
01:08 Mall Arena with San Miguel Team
03:36 What’s your favorite Team
05:30 Manila Clasico start game
08:00 Mascot dance at Manila Clasico
09:47 Ginebra Fans chant
12:18 Ginebra ties with Magnolia
13:00 Ginebra scores and wins Manila Clasico

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  1. Nice content, good game ginebra

  2. I'm such a Ginebra Fan for years..Thanks Dodo Explorers!!💗

  3. Watch also PVL (Premier Volleyball League)
    Cremaline VS. Choco Mucho

  4. I am so happy my financial life has totally changed ever since I ventured into investment.
    I’ve been earning $18000 dollars every single week.

  5. Thank you guys for watching my #1 team in PBA – Ginebra. 😘

  6. i’m happy for you guys!…👍🇵🇭💚

  7. Can you watch PVL (PRIMIER VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE) also? tomorrow is a good game! cherry triggo vs Creamline 🤭


  9. It's so nice to see you guys enjoying the game… I feel bad because my team didn't not win… Nice game though… ☺

  10. Your the first foreign vloggers I watched that really took time to watch PBA live… Hope you guys had fun….

  11. Hello, try to visit PHILIPPINE ARENA. More power to your channel. I'm your new Filipino fun haha❤️

  12. A lot of team genebra enjoy watch basketball in arena so happy god bless stay safe

  13. First of all i wanna to congratulate both of you for watching and supporting my favorite team GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL in the PBA.

    Manila Classico is a GOLDEN AGE OF PHILIPPINE BASKETBALL in the 1970's, if you want to watch the most memorable game of GINEBRA search on youtube and find the PBA GOVERNORS CUP FINALS 2016 between GINEBRA VS MERALCO BOLTS. I promise to you guys that game will be watch it over and over and. Or maybe make a rection video ok. ENJOY😊😊😊😊😊 By the way I'm a GINEBRA FAN for 3 decades

  14. I was laughing watching Mike supporting Genebra.

  15. Thank you lovely and funny couple I really enjoy your vlog …yesss it's Ginebra win ….more ginebra vlog..

  16. There are magnolia's fans behind your back.

  17. Do you like Ginebrs, me too a fan of Ginebra

  18. Forever GINEBRA…NEVER SAY DIE….thank u for visit our country…mabuhay and GODBLESS

  19. You guys i was laughing looking at ur video 😎

  20. Trivia: Regine Velasquez is the first Filipino artist to hold a solo concert at the MOA Arena (Nov 2012)

    Lady Gaga was the first artist (May 2012)

  21. This is the first vlog that I've watched that features a basketball game and luckily its Ginebra, the PH crowd fave, loved it, I felt the excitement of the crowd too😅🤣😂🤭

  22. 😂😂😂👍Dodo the clown explorers

  23. To both of you DoDo 🦤 Explorers Romania 🇷🇴 couples Gigi and Mike, when you eat cheezels fries 🍟 or cheezels rings, used your fingers to lick 👅 it up. Fingers licking good. 🤤🤤🤤🤤😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  24. The GINEBRA team is the most popular team in the Philippines .

  25. You really did your research well. You know a lot from the Philippines already like a local 😁

  26. bay area vs ginebra finals 2022 game 1 dec 25 bloody Christmas day #go.bay.area.dragons

  27. Bloody Christmas bay area dragons vs ginebra game 1 dec 25
    #go.bay.area. for the first blood

  28. Great!
    PS You are pronouncing Ginebra wrong bro . That's Hee-neb-ra with an H sound hahah

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