Only Steph Curry could notice it 😳 -

Only Steph Curry could notice it 😳

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  1. Bro's immediate reaction to blame the court showcases his confidence in his own abilities. He's truly a legend for his attention to detail.

  2. Curry is so good that he knows he didnt mess up that bad

  3. Steph Curry's handles so good, he made the court question itself 😂🏀

  4. Surprising considering he rarely gets in the paint during the game.

  5. He's lucky he didnt play at the old Boston garden.

  6. That’s what happens when arena floors have to be converted for teams. Owners have billions for a reason.

  7. You do the same thing long enough and you notice any minor change. The same with any job.

  8. I don't know why some people make a deal out of this it's a dead spot on the court the old Boston garden and a bunch of dead spots on it in fact mnay Celtics players knew where they where and when opposing players brought the ball up they would quickly go for the steal knowing the ball wouldn't bounce as it normally would

  9. U can see a gash on the court so its probably worn out

  10. Bouncing is charismatic of the battle and it's 100% influence the tempo of the game…

  11. Bro accidentally pressed the wrong emote at the end 😭

  12. Aller go vidéo copier aller sa degage

  13. The confidence you have to have to know that you didn’t make a mistake, the ground itself did

  14. He's just dribbling and is like "um, the ball left. It wasn't supposed to do that. Something is wrong with this spot"

  15. Thats how we turned the ball over in overtime in a high-school game .

  16. 😂i wouldn't wanna try and get that last bounce to dunk at Sterrps house

  17. He showed the other way to get the points😂😊

  18. That damn Steph Curry is a badazz NBA Star AND a freaking inspector at the same time! 😂

  19. Imagine being so good that the only way you can make a mistake is because of the environment 😮😮

  20. A blind man could see the crack in the floor. Everyone surprised. Literally a crack in the floor right where he bounces the ball

  21. Ladka hi sahi tha ladki kyu bana ya 😂

  22. Like me when i trip and examine the floor like its the problem.

    Except he looks to be right.

  23. Bruh…….these comments…..if you played ball you'd know that at times the court can have dead spots where the ball doesn't bounce as high in certain areas and the best way to test this is to do the same as Curry did. Drop the ball in 2 different spots and see how high the ball bounces. If the rebound height is low, you have a dead spot in the court. The ball should bounce back up to waist level not at your knees.

  24. The one is has a low gravity and the other side is normal gravity —my opinion

  25. It not that hard to notice things like that. You can immediately feel a difference, especially when you’re so used to one versus the other.

  26. Everyone saying skills level, I just think he saw thatnone epieode of One Tree Hill 😂

  27. Dead spots are so easy to find💀 not to say he’s not super skilled but like dead spots are so much different than the regular floor

  28. Bro figured out something not even the janitor can understand ☠️😂

  29. Hmmm, I wonder why Golden State been winging championships!!

  30. Imagine being so good that if you lose your dribble you assume it’s the court 😂

  31. Anyone with a brain can spot a dead spot. I find them all the time and I’m the most average baller. No disrespect to Steph but it’s not that big a deal

  32. The floor was loose and if he pushed too hard, that tiny block without fell down into the hollows of the stadium, and Steph Curry would’ve fell into the hollows of the Stadium end, if he didn’t pay attention, then he could’ve fell down there. He could’ve broken a lot of bones and luckily he found that in training and not in the match because if he found that in the match, they would already be someone that fell down there while dunking or I don’t know or maybe like just the ball and they can’t get any more balls or whatever

  33. He does this every day this is his job of course he knows

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