One Tree Hill had a reunion basketball game! -

One Tree Hill had a reunion basketball game!

Omar Raja – ESPN
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I’m sick so thank you to @Dylan_Anderson for recording!

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  1. 🎶I don't wanna be anything other than meeeee… Keith and Dan didn't come back from Heaven? Well wherever Dan was 🤦🏽‍♂️😁

  2. Chad's long hair is doing wonderful things to me. ❤❤❤

  3. This really was the best teen drama ever second spot belongs to the OC and third degrassi who started the whole teen drama scene shows (proudly canadian )was watching it while a couple of friends starred on it in 80’s and as adult watched reboots

  4. One tree hill reminds of so much that has happened in my life and I can relate to Lucas Scott a lot

  5. Shows like this aren't made anymore. It was technically made for teens as a "teen drama" but it was good enough where adults could watch and enjoy it. Hell I binged the whole thing like a year ago and I'm in my late 20's. They don't make shows like this anymore. Now it's all about forcing propaganda and agendas. The woke mob ruined shows and movies.

  6. The best Teen Drama show…. EVER!!! Reliving these days and binge watching has taken me way back. Love all these characters 🥰🫶

  7. I'm sick so thanks to @anduhsin for recording!

  8. I’ve been meaning to watch OTH. Never knew it revolved around basketball tho…

  9. that's Dylan Anderson (narrating) right I love that guy

  10. That's hella cool 😎 they should've made an episode about it.

  11. Iiiii don't wanna be anything other than…. y'all know the rest 😂

  12. That is so cool we are watching one tree hill right now

  13. I started watching one tree hill cause I was going threw channels and they were hooping

  14. If I watched this show I’d prob care more

  15. I've seen every single episode, 5 million times. It was to the point I could hear a song and go oh that's the episode where blah blah blah.. it's my all time favorite. It's been a min since I watched it last.

  16. Please build from this like "fuller house" or "girl meets world" !!!!!!

  17. but was Sophia Bush there and Hilarie Burton? it didn't look like every member of the cast,where were Dan and Karen?! or Hailey and the kids?

  18. Imagine a reboot and they play Keith n Dan

  19. OMG I WOULD WATCH THIS WITH MY MOM!! She said it was one of the most popular shows in the early 2000s!!

  20. Was theme song writer/singer Gavin DeGraw there?

  21. I wish I could have been there. I LOOOOOOVED THIS SHOW. I still watch it. I WISH THEY WOULD HAVE A REUNION SHOW

  22. One of the prominent crushes of my teens! ❣️🥰

  23. I think I’ve watched all 9 seasons about 3-4 times. Dan 😂

  24. Let's talk about skills he don't even look like he aged 😁and James Lafferty (nathan) did u think he lost his game come on now when u play ball like he did on oth you don't loose your game ! He was hitting them shots with literally No effort and I expected that Chad Michael Murray (lucus). He had to build his game in the show . He should have had nathan school him before the game.. looks like he needed his coach nathan again love it the best show in the 2000's

  25. Yeah I forgot they shot that in Wilmington Nc not to far from where I live lol also Dawson creek too

  26. Old news and you mean the cast was just playing basketball it's nothing new people do do that

  27. Where can I see a full video of this reunion. Or at least more videos.

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