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Oklahoma vs #1 Auburn Basketball Game Highlights 1 29 2022

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Oklahoma vs #1 Auburn Basketball Game Highlights 1 29 2022
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  1. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood5

  2. Another dominant showing by our 2 stars. Kessler and Jabari showed out.

  3. Hey guy love the videos, but have a questions. Who's your favorite team?

  4. Give the #1 team a home game against the weakest team in their conference and call them no1 ? Auburn has yet to see a true road game . Only ranked team they beat was KY and that was at Auburn give us a break

  5. Takeaways:
    •For opposing teams you need to shut down K.D Johnson. 3 reasons why- when he gets hot he HOT, then that leads to him playing suffocating defense after a made basket, and he’s Auburn’s energy guy.
    • Auburn has the best lob catching big men in the country.
    • Oklahoma wanted to run their offense through the Groves brothers but Auburn shut that down but then they got a little too relaxed and they let the lead get cut to 5.

  6. Flanagan and Wendell didn't have as good of a game as they usually do. Love how there is always someone that steps up. When Jabari or Kessler are not really having things go their way or get in foul trouble, it is Zep, Jaylin Williams, K.D. Johnson or Wendell Green Jr. stepping up.
    If one of those have an off night then it seems Cambridge, Flanagan or Cardwell comes up big.
    They will lose a game here soon. Too many games in the next few months. The way they respond to losing will be big and hopefully they go on another run in March.
    Guess we will find out.

  7. Auburn's point guard got picked off the dribble the whole game.. Auburn will not stay number one with a weak point guard. Press, press, press.

  8. What game is she watching? Auburn guards got picked easily

  9. I know I'm going to be made fun of but the Indiana Hoosier are coming back watch and see

  10. Auburn(synchronicity) Basketball 🏀 is the new powerful undeniable trend to build a perennial program …not football 🏈

  11. So hope kentucky and auburn meet again. If kentucky is healthy. It's a double digit win for the cats.

  12. homer officials giving the game to auburn.

  13. If this team could get a little more out of its transition offense nobody could beat them.

  14. Kessler finally expanding his offense. You see what happens when he does that? That gives Auburn more weapons. OK didn't know who to guard. It's coming from everywhere. Kessler's inside out game had a lot to do with it to begin the game. Keep it up Kess and it's a 1st round double with JS, now going number 1.

  15. Bruce Pearl: "fuck it guys, they're 50% on free throws, everybody foul."

  16. Auburn is good but not #1 good. They will loses several games. They beat a Missouri team by 1 that got their asses handed to them by several teams. Missouri lost to Arkansas by 44 to break a three game losing streak. This is not the #1 team in the nation.👎🏾

  17. Is there any chance Kessler come back

  18. It's funny to me that kentucky fans feel like they did something cuz they beat weak Kansas last night n Auburn and Kentucky is rivalry now in the SEC 🤣

  19. Is it just me or does Tanner Groves always look very concerned for no reason.

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