Northern Arizona vs Eastern Washington WILD Ending | 2023 College Basketball -

Northern Arizona vs Eastern Washington WILD Ending | 2023 College Basketball

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The Big Sky tournament college basketball game between Northern Arizona and Eastern Washington had a wild ending as the game came down to the final buzzer.

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  1. Who is here after EWU lost again as the 1 seed in the quarters of the Big Sky Tournament for the 2nd year in a row?

  2. Who’s here after EWU lost in the exact same spot a year later??

  3. 2:26 the girl in the pink shirt is like HOLY FUCK WHAT JUST HAPPENED AH

  4. The most midwestern and southern accents ever from the commentators…

  5. wow, Eastern washington not going to the tourney this year despite being a one seed! They were undefeated in conference for a while.

  6. That one has gotta sting for Eastern Washington

  7. Can you do crazy ending of Liberty and keenasaw state

  8. Hadn't hit a 3 in nearly a MONTH?? that's amazing

  9. You can't miss those free throws…

    …Exhibit A of the coach's spiel in practice next summer.

  10. Killed my bet. But hey, nice win NA. Well done. You didn't give up

  11. This season is just stupid incredible

    The past few weeks have been absurd

  12. kevin D blanch HISTORIC ONGOING PhD;; FREE LIBRARY says:

    WOW Giant Upset 10-22 #9 seed NAU beats #1 Seed EASTERN WASHINGTON March Madness,, Missed Free throws And Fouls on 3 point shot Late, front ends are deadly in March basketball

  13. I was not expecting EWU to lose like this. Now they have no chance to get in the tournament 😮

    I have a feeling Oral Roberts is losing tomorrow
    (undefeated conference record on the line)

  14. When all you needed was a free throw……

  15. As cool as upsets are from a European perspective this is why American playoff systems can suck. You can dominate your league, sit firmly at the top over 30+ games then slip up once and someone else is ‘champion’.

  16. this channel has been clutch with uploading these crazy endings in college basketball 💯 i can't wait for March Madness 🔥

  17. Holy cow eastern Washington had that game won

  18. Glad to see Jerry Lundegaard and Colonel Sanders finally getting some booth time together! 😂

  19. The biggest buzzer beater from a team in Arizona this year

  20. Man there have been so many buzzer beaters this past few weeks.

  21. Lost the game at the 21 second mark. Instead of taking an uncontested dunk he should have pulled off which would have taken at least another 4 or 5 seconds off the clock before NAU could have fouled him.

  22. Should've been called a travel with the guy sliding his feet bt on other hand if your a 1 seed never expect a easy win

  23. Eastern Washington is going to be practicing free throws nonstop until next year

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