Northern Arizona vs Eastern Washington WILD Ending | 2023 College Basketball -

Northern Arizona vs Eastern Washington WILD Ending | 2023 College Basketball

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The Big Sky tournament college basketball game between Northern Arizona and Eastern Washington had a wild ending as the game came down to the final buzzer.

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  1. And this is just championship week. March Madness is going to be straight up insane!!!

  2. Wow what a clutch performance by Kevin Hart

  3. why is NAU getting itself into these situations again and again

  4. But my query goes to the reef of this game. Exactly time without extra minutes wen game down. Ohhhhhh noooo. I really hate u E.Washing…

  5. I can’t help but love when an underdog goes down six with under a minute left, gets flexed in their face and fights back to win. That’s a real flex

  6. Northern Arizona on a video like this again? No shortage of thrills from this team

  7. Nice to see NAU on the winning side of a wild finish. Their games against Portland St both ended in heartbreak.

  8. Whatever you do, don't dunk it with 21 seconds to go

  9. 2:31 — oh, no he didn't!! The Ice Trae shiver!! 😂😂🤣🤣

  10. Bro why do players who have a breakaway with time running down and lead don’t just run the clock down more ?? Dude coulda wasted like 5-6 more seconds

  11. "Got it! And the #1 seed is one and done!" By one point.

  12. That keep comments respectful. Do u know how much I feel bro ? Just need to speak with someone. Heeey. Have u ever lost a big fish.👿👿👿👿👿👿

  13. Cone was big on those uncalled travels and double dribbles. Game's a f-ing joke if you can stroll around and carry the rock. Ball dont lie.

  14. I had a lot on $ on the line and u yanked that shit 4 me..a real shooter

  15. Omg I turned this game off when it was 77-71 with 50 seconds left… and I go and check the final score just to make sure and it said NAU won?!! I went straight to YouTube cause I already knew this ending had to be ridiculous and I knew this channel would have it! Incredible! I knew better than to turn it off smh lol

  16. My cousin went to NAU in 2013, so i have a sweatshirt I wear for every game they play that I can actually watch. Guess it only works in the conference tourny, let's goooo

  17. I love #15 on NAU just zipping around the court

  18. Lotta tears 😢 being shed on the Palouse right now 😂 😂

  19. As soon as eastern went up 4 I knew they lost 😂😂😂😂😂😂 …. Damn whole season down the drain they forsure thought they were goin to the tournament but

  20. 18 wins in a row, then 3 losses in a row to finish. Tough break Eastern Washington.

  21. And now we know why there's a rule that if the top seed loses in the conference tournament and doesn't get an at-large, they get an auto bid to the NIT. EWU will continue to play, and have a chance to put this behind them.

  22. Northern Arizona Lumberjacks. Ah, like Utah Jazz.

  23. EWU isn't as good as their record indicates. They have absolutely no quality wins and it showed because they loss to a team with an 11-22. There are some prep schools that can compete in the Big Sky conference.

  24. Eastern Washington are one and done, their going to the NIT tournament

  25. As a SunDevils fan this was pretty cool to see! Congrats NAU 😎

  26. Sad. Team won’t go anywhere and the team that should have won isn’t going anywhere either

  27. That's what I'm talking about!!! Go Jacks!!!🪓🏀🔵🟡

  28. As cool as moments like this are, I still have the opinion that the conference tournament shouldn't be the automatic qualifier, winning your regular season conference championship should be the automatic qualifier. Especially, for the mid-majors. One bad game or one shot ends your season, even though you've had the better season.

    Technically speaking a team could lose every single game, somehow win the conference tournament and they're in the NCAA tournament?! Really? I know that probably won't happen ever, but it shouldn't even be a possibility.

  29. 38 footer? More like a 28 footer. Great shot nonetheless.

  30. I just have to ask you to give my guy Camryn Winter his due diligence. Dude hit back to back game winners to end the regular season for Penn State. He very well may have been the difference between March Madness and March Sadness for my Nittany LIons.

  31. Big Sky should really do a multiple bye system like the WCC (top two seeds don't have to play until semis) – when ALL Big Sky teams are Depending on Big Sky Tournament win for auto bid, the regular season Has to count for Something! This type of outcome should only be possible in a semifinal or final, if a mid team Advances. I'm not an Eastern fan, but this is a Harsh result after a season of hard work

  32. And they don’t make the tournament now 🤣

  33. I go to NAU 😭 if they can make it to the tourney while I’m here that would be insane

  34. And the #1 seed is 1 and done! Lol!

  35. Coach Jake Ricciardi has them Lumberjack boys LOCKED IN

  36. Hey PSC could you post the double OT win that MSU got last night? Had basically a buzzer beater slam dunk winner

  37. Refs missed the shooting violation on Venters first free throw.

  38. Hit your free throws, people. They call 'em "free" for a reason…

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