North Florida vs #15 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 11 23 2022 -

North Florida vs #15 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 11 23 2022

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North Florida vs #15 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 11 23 2022
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  1. Coach there's a guy name Jordan Marsh at Moravian Prep point guard that would love to play for you

  2. Beat someone with a pulse, then get back to us@

  3. Kentucky will be fine, they lost a game they should have won vs Michigan state which is a good team BTW an they had a slow start vs Gonzaga which cost them that game, an I can see once they get rolling they will be really good this year. Barring any injuries.

  4. Ky will not be fine and will chock again when we have a BIG game. Cal has got to relax and help his players relax and not be so nervous. Meditation and relaxation techniques may help.

  5. The problem at KY basketball has no coach he is the worst coach I've ever see

  6. I'd still like to see a platoon. Thiero has energy that CJ doesn't have. Can't hurt at this point to try it out for a game.

  7. Antonio reeves ability to hit the hesi or step back into the pull up 3. Is elite 100%.!. Reminds of harden or Lillard's ability to pull up off the dribble!

  8. Now i see why we lost those two games. Exactly what Cal was saying. They running a zone and livingston let his player drive right by him. Cal took him out. They have alot those plays in the Gonzaga game. Smh

  9. Hopefully this is where Kentucky starts their turning point on the offense

  10. Kentucky got killed by Gonzaga and Michigan State, but this win got them back on track

  11. They lost in overtime and they outscored Gonzaga in the second half so I wouldn't call that getting killed? They will be fine once SEC play starts

  12. Kentucky has not beaten a good team, they have lost both games when they played a legitimate team, Kentucky do not need to patt there's self on the back,

  13. Look at University of North Florida on television playing against an elite team like Kentucky. They've come a long way.

  14. Typical, Cats ranked high preseason and fall apart every year, overrated Coach Clown, 10 losses this season? 8? another 5- 7 seed,

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