North Carolina vs. Duke Full Game Replay | 2023-24 ACC Men’s Basketball -

North Carolina vs. Duke Full Game Replay | 2023-24 ACC Men’s Basketball

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The No. 7 North Carolina Tar Heels got off to a hot start and were able to hold off a hard-charging Duke team for an 84-79 win on Senior Night at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Cormac Ryan started off the game by hitting 3-straight three-pointers on his way to a season-high 31 points on 8-12 shooting, including 6-8 from deep in the win. Kyle Filipowski scored a career-high 23 points for Duke in the loss. Harrison Ingram finished with 14 points and 10 rebounds on an off night on the offensive end for RJ Davis and Armando Bacot.


  1. Carolina crushed duke all because of Cormacs 3s!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dude i feel like everyone is started at me here at work

  3. Here at is alot girls here where stay

  4. No one is even looking at UNC to win the ACC TOURNAMENT TITLE. They’re not even looking at Carolina to win the NCAA TOURNAMENT.

  5. I hoping EC can make more outside shots. Because teams that are scouting UNC know that he is not going to take the outside shots. With EC, RJ, and CR all scoring points from the perimeter and HI and Bacot scoring from the inside and driving to the basket, UNC has a good chance to win it all. And I mean the ACC TOURNAMENT and the NCAA Championship too.

  6. C'mon you gotta admit that when Dook loses it just makes everyone's day!

  7. Still amazes me that the 3-man floor crew and sideline refs didn't see the blatant Filipowski trip on Ingram.

  8. Filipowski: Cries because he was “hurt” by court storming.
    Also Filipowski: I’m gonna be the next Grayson Allen! #GTHD

  9. 21:28 lmao what does it matter if you're wearing a UNC jersey or not? You're literally sitting within a sea of Carolina blue and surrounded by family. No common sense. I mean I maybe could see it if you went to the game solo in some random seat and felt like you were going to get heckled, but this makes no sense.

  10. I have a feeling that our bench (Washington, Withers, and Trimble) are the pieces that can get us a championship this year. They all play great defense and can score – but their real value is in keeping the starters fresh. Love that we swept Dook! Love to spoil senior day at Hansbrough Indoor! GO HEELS!!!!!

  11. i like that UNC didnt panic after duke came out strong to start the 2nd half. this team gives 2017 vibes

  12. I really am disgusted by fifth year players like C. Ryan that are so animated playing against freshmen. Dude, chill you are a fifth year senior and you are supposed to play the way you are playing. Where was that pomp when you played Syracuse?

  13. Hey! That’s awesome! Let’s connect?

  14. Bacot should hold his elbows in the paint. The guy is a walking intensional elbow hitter. Refs should give him a lot of techs

  15. Keep on playing hard play good team work make the dream work

  16. Duke are sore losers. Why di they have to toss water bottles to UNC players?

  17. I’m not a Duke or a UNC guy but notice how the UNC players didn’t go shake the hands of the Duke players after the game it was just the coaching staff the shook their hands. Had the Duke players had done that, they would’ve been called classless because remember when UNC spoiled coach K’s final home game, they made a big deal about how one of the assistants just so happened to not shake Hubert Davis’s hand even though he shook everyone else’s hand and duke was called classless but yet I don’t see anyone calling UNC classless

  18. why does everyone have a bozo the clown hairstyle?

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