North Carolina vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2022-23 ACC Men’s Basketball -

North Carolina vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2022-23 ACC Men’s Basketball

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In the first meeting of the Carolina-Duke rivalry since their Final Four matchup, Duke pulled out the victory in Cameron in a defensive battle, 63-57. The Blue Devils dominated the fast break game by a 20-2 margin. Jeremy Roach led Duke with 20 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists as he played all 40 minutes. Dereck Lively was a force inside defensively, as he grabbed 14 boards and swatted 8 shots. Kyle Filipowski added 14 points. For the Tar Heels, Armando Bacot had 14 points and 10 rebounds, and Leaky Black notched his first career double double with 13 points and 10 rebounds.


  1. I do not think Duke has struggled they are a bunch of freshman! They had a hell of a win today against a bunch of juniors and seniors! With the big men in the paint and the guard play a little more experience and they are final 4 bound

  2. Clowns 🤡 experience ball players totally laying eggs against a awful blue devil team should have won this game by 15

  3. Both teams are mediocre at best. And both coaches will not be long term at either school. There is no rivarly with nothing at stake for either team. 🤔

  4. Duke needs to play more uptempo ball like they did tonight. Our guys are lean and can run; they can kill in transition. Would love to see filipowski take more 3s. More full court press and faster pace in offense. ACC is a shit show right now with UVA getting knocked down today. I see Duke winning the ACC championships. Devils are finding their groove right now

  5. Rebounding down the stretch played a huge part in the lost for UNC

  6. Duke wasn't at their best tonight but the difference is that the defense was the reason why that Duke won! The problem is for UNC is that they're not good on the road & they're not even good at 3's! UNC's coaching is very poor this year!

  7. UNC inability not to recruit a legit center has shown up. They haven't had one since Zeller. Pete Nance has been a disaster to say the least. He can't shoot, rebound or play defense. Nickel and Styles no run tonight. Hubert Davis is terrible. Get defensive when asked questions. He knows that Nance should come off the bench. You know UNC is in major trouble when Black and Nance are shooting. How many games has Love turn the ball over at the end of the game. At some point you have to sit the entire starting team down and go with your bench. Davis should of let Seth in the game to guard roach. He was doing a good job on him. RJ is a liability on defense. Two games this week his man scored the back breaking basket.

  8. First game that I actually trusted anyone and everyone that was on the floor for duke and anytime they had the ball. Everyone that got clock, played well and played with confidence.

    Would love to see all of these guys back next season. Obviously that's not going to happen. But still.

  9. OH YES !!!!!!!! D U K E LET'S GO! Super game J ROACH the floor General was on point 👉! Lively II was a big factor for the win.

  10. Think it's funny that hubert is pissed that his team didn't go to the line. Bitch want saying anything when he stole the NCST and Syracuse game.

  11. I'm starting to question Coach Davis decision making! Quite frankly to me it appeared this team wasn't mentally and physically prepared to go into In-Dork arena and battle! Also didn't like the way Davis used or didn't use his bench and make necessary adjustments. IMO I have seen coach drop the ball on at least 3 occasion this years resulting in losses we should have won!

  12. However, no matter what happens in this rivalry. UNC fans will always have the Victory of seeing the Rat lose his last home game on his name sake court to the UNC Tarheels!!!!! Wheeep!!!

  13. I'm sure the refs helped us win… Waiting for those comments. The only line anyone seems to have these days. Duke played well but they still need alot of work. UNC is average team just like Duke is. Yes it's good to beat UNC but we gonna need a lot more scoring to do much of anything when it matters

  14. UNC fans be like, but we beat you during coach K's last game. Lawd…. Glad they have something to fall back on during every loss they will face to Duke. At least not blaming the refs I guess?

    Duke won…UNC lost. UNC probably win next game. It's the circle of life. They win and lose. Fairly easy to accept and move on but some cant😂

  15. Go Duke! Congratulations Scherer on 1st win over NC as head coach!

  16. All these players back from unc and they still won't win that championship 🤣🤣

  17. Hubert Davis is a cry baby! They always get all the calls because they have the refs in there pockets!!! Not tonight! Get over it!!!!!!!

  18. Offense is terrible today. 4 guys just sitting around and high pick and roll. Or iso every play

  19. Caleb love is the biggest wanna be Damian lillard ever

  20. I felt like the Blue Devils just had more energy last night. Maybe that came from the crowd but either way they had it.

  21. It's beautiful. I've looked at this for five hours now.

  22. Duke fans thinking they have a chance at a title 😂😂😂

  23. Seriously! That was not a good game! North Carolina will beat Duke on next month! Miss it 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️

  24. Let’s go duke wooooooooo! Unc y’all got nothin on us

  25. pete nance is not the answer he can score decently inside but dude is charmin soft, not a great shooter I would rather see jalen washington get more burn at this point if he can handle it way more upside.

  26. First, let me say I am a lifelong UNC fan, but I am ashamed of them this year. They are the worst group of 3 point shooters I have ever seen and our coaching staff continues to allow them to fire them up at will, even Nance and Leaky!!! But, the officiating was worse than terrible!! Hey so-called refs…if you are afraid of the the Duke fans and Heaven forbid, call a foul on them…stay home and ref a middle school game next time instead of showing up!!!

  27. Paelo Banchero and Cole Anthony were both there that incredible

  28. Coach J is perfect against the tar holes at home… Just saying.

  29. UNC is God awful. Shows how important Brady manek was…

  30. Bacot in the running for ugliest basketball player alive LOOOOL.

  31. Does anyone think that Duke will make the March madness tournament?

  32. Great Victory,Let's Go Duke😎😎👍🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀,Yes!!!,Good Victory


  34. Just a reminder duke has 3 top 5 kids 😆😆 gutsy win with yet another duke team with several NBA prospects. So much respect 🤢

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