North Carolina vs. Duke: 2022 NCAA men's Final Four | FULL REPLAY -

North Carolina vs. Duke: 2022 NCAA men’s Final Four | FULL REPLAY

March Madness
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North Carolina took down Duke in the 2022 Final Four in a historic first-ever March Madness matchup between the rivals, which also marked Coach K’s last game. No. 8 UNC upset No. 2 Duke, 81-77, in this NCAA men’s basketball tournament instant classic. Watch the Final Four full game replay here.

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  1. Full game? 🙏🏼 y’all Rock! Thank you

  2. I agree this is the best rivalry in NCAA basketball history Two programs find ways to keep me at the edge of my 💺for real.

  3. Even without coach K this rivalry between these two teams will impact NCAA basketball for many years.

  4. can't stop rewatching this absolute pathetic dook loss

  5. This game solidified North Carolina as Big Brother in this rivalry

  6. Puff blocking out on that missed FT was huge.

  7. Every now and then the planets align and you get a true sporting EVENT that will go down in the history books, and this game is in that category. Arguably greatest sports rivalry in all of sports and it took over a century for them to meet in the tournament once and it ended up being in the Final Four. And the game went down to the wire in an instant classic. This was a special night!

  8. As a Tar Heel fan I could watch this simply over and over again. Loved beating Coach K. But in all seriousness it was an epic game. Duke and Coach K have nothing to be ashamed of. I can now say that with no longer having to compete against him, hats off to Coach K. Simply phenomenal career at such a high level. Best of luck Coach K in retirement. Truly a legend and yes I can say without reservation Coach K is the greatest of all time, no debate at all from me.

  9. 98% of the college basketball world was thrilled to see Coach K put out to pasture this way, after his look at me farewell tour.

  10. I knew Duke was in trouble when they only had a 3 pt lead at the half. Carolina should've been down by at least 10 as poorly as they shot.

  11. Best rivary ever these teams just never disappoint when they meet!

  12. I feel as if Duke got avenged two nights later.

  13. In the last 42 years these are the only two college basketball programs that have won 5 National Championships each. This is the only rivalry in college basketball to feature two blue blood programs. Just two of the many reasons why Duke vs. Carolina is the greatest rivalry in college basketball.

  14. The game that turn k’s retirement tour into a title game called the toy bowl. The basketball gods are real

  15. When you talk about some of the great games, and some of the greatest moments in all of sports of all time, what comes to mind include Tiger Woods winning The FedEx cup at East Lake in 2019 as nobody would thought that would never happen again when the crowd was walking up the 18th winning his 80th before he won two more including The 2019 Masters, and The 2019 Zozo when he tied Sam Snead’s record, the Ryder Cup in 1999 at Brookline when Justin Leonard made the putt to win it for The United States against Europe, when Muhammad Ali crushed George Foreman in boxing, Super Bowl XLIX, Jim Valvano making it all the way to win it all in the 1980s, the 2005 National championship in college football when Texas beat USC, The 1996 Women’s all around gymnastics in Atlanta during the Olympics when the games came here to The United States that year to Atlanta when The Magnificent Seven gymnastics team beat Romania, Michael Phelps winning the gold medal in swimming in Beijing in ‘08 at that Olympics, The miracle on ice hockey game in the winter Olympics in upstate New York in the 1980s, when Secretariat the horse won the Triple Crown, The Chicago Bulls winning the NBA championship in the 1990s with Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen, The Yankees vs. The Diamondbacks 2001 World Series, Tiger Woods’ 1997 Masters win, Mark McGwire versus Sammy Sosa’s home run records broken in the 90s, The Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup game, Brian Boitano Wins 'Battle of the Brians' at 1988 Calgary Games, The 2002 World Cup Soccer Match South Korea vs. Japan, and Pete Sampras v Agassi The 2001 US Open Quarter Final of tennis. This one would arguably be right in there with all of those. This game will live in infamy. It will be talked about 100 years from now. Coach K in his last game against The blue bloods after a year of a Global pandemic that struck planet earth making hundreds of millions of people across the world sick, hospitalized, and killing millions all over the world for many months canceling it the year before the last moving it to one city inside a bubble in Indianapolis a year prior to getting out of it gradually as life was gradually getting back to normal after lockdowns, etc., two of the best blueblood programs only less than 10 miles down the road from each-other Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Durham, North Carolina across town basically in one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports playing to go to the national championship ending Coach K’s career one of the greatest coaches ever after 42 years with A Cinderella in front of them St. Peters who probably should have made the NIT honestly who Americans fell in love with nobody knew who they were until this tournament in the peacocks Not even basketball fans not even avid basketball fans fell in love with them who made it to the semi finals beating them in Philadelphia as Carolina thumped them with coach Hubert Davis making it all the way in his first year to the national championship game making a run against Kansas as Roy Williams who has won three retired the year before after he beat Coach K in Duke already he want it again after fans were tired they underestimated Hubert they thought he was one of the worst coaches in the ACC which is not saying very much after one game he lost on the bus drive home he told his players I’m not going to credit the team they played against but after they lost to them, Hubert really thought about it. They worked hard to get there. They didn’t win the whole thing but it paid off what they did this past year they accomplished a lot they met those challenges. The Tar Heels met the challenges. I know that Carolina did not win it all but this game was special. It’s historic. This game will be talked about for years to come. It will go down in history. This game will live in infamy.

  16. People can say what they want to about the Yankees versus the Red Sox or Kentucky versus Louisville or the Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers or Alabama versus Auburn, or even Manchester United versus Liverpool F.C. in Soccer, for that matter, this is the greatest rivalry of any sport in the world not just in America but in the world by far, hands down! Duke versus Carolina in College Basketball is the greatest rivalry of any sport in the whole entire world! No rivalry can match Duke versus Carolina that’s a fact. Nothing I mean zero. It’s as good as some of the great sporting traditions like the Masters in Golf, The Ryder Cup, the cricket World Cup, The Kentucky Derby, The US Open in Golf, The NBA finals, and Wimbledon. The Duke Carolina rivalry game is one of the great traditions in all of sports, really. It’s more than just a rivalry. It’s more than just a very large sporting event it’s a tradition.

  17. This rivalry is fireworks, or riding on a ferris wheel it just never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it. Getting excited about this rivalry makes you feel like a little kid at a candy shop. Watching Caleb Love make that shot knocks my socks off!! Did you know that it was in the exact same spot on the exact same floor where Michael Jordan made the shot in 1982? Ironically, it was another player in a Carolina uniform exactly 40 years later in the same building.

  18. That's me in the white jersey and gray hoodie at 35:19. Most surreal experience of my life, so glad they posted the full replay

  19. UNC got the last laugh on Coach K….. TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. For half part duke and Carolina was stuck at 8-2 cuz they kept missing ranges & 3pts or 10-8

  21. when do they jump off the cliff in there underwear?

  22. Folks I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted because it was a lifetime of a wait for only a two hour short amount of time. You waited a lifetime for only two hours I hope you enjoyed it I hope you were able to see it. It was a lifetime waiting to see this very short game so I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Because the reality is you will probably never see this happen in the final four let alone in March madness ever again in your lifetime. Just imagine if it was again Duke, and Carolina, and NC State, and Wake Forest an all Tobacco Road Final Four? That would be a once in a century final four!

  23. Even tho KU beat UNC an Love played like a ball hog I think u get a nice 2nd place ring or something umm no matter what tho UNC beat Duke in Coach K last game so enjoy retirement Coach K u deserve it all respect but still UNC is better then Duke umm in head to head meetings UNC has more Victories in the rivalry

  24. Caleb is the hero but really Puff is the MVP for fouling before the layup, putting a bad free throw shooter on the line without the and-1.

  25. I love how you guys are competitive❤️I’m a young basketball player trying to figure it out. So watching these teams helps me figure out the game!

  26. This is actually the first Duke-UNC game aired on CBS since 2011.

  27. you know i never understood all the hype on watching sports but when i watched this game with my friend and his family I understood it was amazing

  28. UNC stand up!! We back again next year 💪🏿

  29. These two school always have a greAt contest !?!!!!

  30. I personally like both teams !!! N neither team of both these two schools didn't really have a known star on either team !!!!

  31. Boy I'm telling u that the TARHEELS and blue devils had some timinsterstring games with a bunch of unnamed up and coming school stars

  32. Remember Danny Angie or God if only I could remember he. Lived right in my neighborhood mark he played at Brophy pero Catholic high school!!!! I used too go over too his house and we would play basketball in in house he would also some days turtor me on like Reading and math anyways for college he went too DUKE and he played for the BOSTON CELTICS

  33. north carolina is gonna be so scary next year. They bring back everybody except manek (who they are replacing with a 5 star recruit!!!)

  34. Best rivalry in college basketball history

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