North Carolina vs. Clemson Condensed Game | 2021-22 ACC Men’s Basketball -

North Carolina vs. Clemson Condensed Game | 2021-22 ACC Men’s Basketball

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The North Carolina Tar Heels pulled out a 79-77 road victory over Clemson. Armando Bacot led the Tar Heels with a double-double of 24 points on 8 of 10 shooting and 10 rebounds. R.J. Davis scored 16 points and dished out 6 assists, and Brady Manek and Leaky Black scored 11 points each for UNC. P.J. Hall led the Tigers with 24 points.


  1. North Carolina vs. Clemson Condensed Game

  2. Good win.. Defense sucks.. Tighten up. Factz!! Robinson should b coachNot in Arizona..

  3. i just don't understand why the UNC bench is so short. like, did Puff or McCoy even play? Why not let Styles and Dunn play, are they that bad? It's just bizarre. Can't gain experience sitting on the bench.

  4. Tough win but they needed it. Way to fight through it at the final seconds. And Leaky is starting to look more comfortable on the floor scoring also. RJ played good too. Caleb was cold but still made nice assists and hit a big three in the last minute. Bacot went off like he always does but unfortunately he fouled out but I’m glad it didn’t cost us. And thank God for Manek for the game winner. Hopefully they carry this to Saturday with the home advantage.

  5. UNC seems to have forgotten what defense means? Is this a coaching issue? I really am asking!

  6. Wowww. Slipped by good game unc. Hard to figure out who s showing up game to game.

  7. Great bounce back WIN Tar Heels they needed that big time but learn to close games out better!! Refs were horrible again and favored Clemson so much but UNC prevailed and put an end to that! Glad I witnessed in person again and again, Good job Tar Heels on to the next game. Gotta get better as a team moving forward! #GoHeels

  8. I keep waiting on that spark that's always happened by now

  9. What a route from Manek on the last bucket. Get open son.

  10. Hubert Davis call it bounce back, they barely won the game dude! Wake up! Hope UNC doesn't wrong hiring u.

  11. Leaky Black mama is a national treasure with the cheering she was doing

  12. Manek is having a good year, go Tarheels.

  13. We got to beat some ranked teams were beating mediocre teams and we fold against ranked teams.

  14. Tough gritty win for the Tar Heels on the road. Much needed.

  15. Wished we had heart like this against Duke last wk. Because Duke spanked UNC like a 4yr old in the grocery store….On our on court

  16. Coach Davis is winning the close ones. If we can develop some depth it will definitely extend the season.

  17. 9:40 mark that ref should be questioned for point shaving pretty sure that’s obvious

  18. We got to play better D love the young lady in the background yelling defense go heels!

  19. Defense !!!!!! I'm going to say the Davis was the wrong choice for this job. I'd like to see UNC go and get Brad Stevens. A proven winner.

  20. As a Tar Heel fan I almost caught a stroke when they let Clemson get a real decent shot for the game winner at the end lol, nice W but the defense needs work still though

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