North Carolina vs #23 Ohio State Basketball Game Highlights 12 17 2022 -

North Carolina vs #23 Ohio State Basketball Game Highlights 12 17 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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North Carolina vs #23 Ohio State Basketball Game Highlights 12 17 2022
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  1. And this is why college sports will always be better than professional.

  2. Can u post villnova vs St Joe's basketball game plz ?

  3. What a gutsy win for the heels! That full court trap in the second half brought them back into it

  4. Refs wanted NC to win all the calls were against Ohio state fuck these old ass ppl

  5. seeing how disappointing UNC has been this season after its NC game run, this seems like a win they needed..sitting at 7-5 before the ACC schedule even starts could have had them on the bubble this season..

  6. Tarheels were fortunate to win this one with the tough shot at the end of reg., but I'll take it as a UNC fan as the heels lost 4 in a row in basketball earlier this season and were having a tough time against a couple of unranked teams. Not use to seeing a UNC team lose 4 basketball games in a row (at least 3 teams were ranked at the time).

  7. My Buckeyes suck at basketball to ughh sports are starting to fade away for my Buckeyes with all this N.I.L bs it's gonna go down for a bit but they always eventually rebound just right now isn't there time in football or basketball

  8. Good win but the heel can't seem to get back in last yr tournament rhythm …And i don't know why…

  9. Thanks! Was afraid to watch live and couldn't find a full replay. This is a great alternative. Go Heels!

  10. Caleb Love has pro talent and the ability to go to the basket but his shot selection is horrible. Some of his attempts are cringe worthy. 😬

    Bacot kept them in it and Davis brought it home.

  11. Great game Tarheels!! Now that's the Carolina I wanna see from now on 👣🐏

  12. Gotta wonder why Buckeye 23 wanted to travel instead of play? Oh well – his choice, and he got what he wanted – a big loss.

  13. If Celeb keep doing stupid mistake shot like this he’s out from NBA

  14. The Ohio State bums gave the game away somehow.

  15. THIS coverage is so clutch thanks for doing it, GO HEELS!

  16. Thank you Matthew for these highlights, I'm a big Tar Heel fan but Ohio State will be tough to beat in March Madness. Great game in the Garden, GoHeels!!

  17. Heeeeees baaaaccccckk!!! Love found his swag again. Thank the lord. Let’s roll

  18. This is what being a fan of these teams is all about. Two great programs battling it out at MSG! Great players, great crowd, great game.

  19. If we had our other guard there to help handle the ball we win easily. We are better than that NC team !!!

  20. IF- Carolina can maximize synergy, play as hard as they can to the last second (whether up or down), make the best shot selections as possible and play SUFFOCATING DEFENSE (WHICH TAKES REAL PHYSICAL CONDITIONING), they will be a (REAL) threat in the big dance… But- it will take (REAL) SACRIFICE to get to that level of the game-!!! J/S

  21. Nance reminded me of LARRY BIRD when he hit that shot at the buzzer that caused overtime play-!!!?? 🤔😳😁😆🤣✌

  22. Caleb is so talented, his shot making is pro level good

  23. Thanks for the upload, Matt! Looks like Carolina is starting to play team basketball instead of that brain dead hero ball they were playing during their four-game losing streak.

  24. So proud of my Carolina Boys💙💙💙💙💙Tar Heel Tuff!

  25. Great game by both teams! I’m a UNC fan but both teams played great!

  26. That's what OSU gets for cheating against Rutgers

  27. Tarheels coming together, bench getting more comfortable in the heat.

  28. Unc is a bad basketball team and they were last year too idk why everyone is surprised they’re losing games 😂

  29. I love how Ohio state gave it away at the end

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