No. 2 Alabama holds on vs. Auburn | Full Game Highlights | ESPN College Basketball -

No. 2 Alabama holds on vs. Auburn | Full Game Highlights | ESPN College Basketball

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Alabama makes a late push thanks to Rylan Griffen’s 16 points off the bench to get the victory over rival Auburn, 77-69. The Crimson Tide are just the 7th SEC team in the last 50 seasons to start conference play 12-0 or better and the first since the 2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats.

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  1. These Alabama turds flex after every single made basket….soft. 1st round exist and flexing the whole plane ride home

  2. I did not watch this game live but in this short clip there a TON of absolute muggings not called on auburn. Good grief cb officiting is horrid.

  3. Roll Tide Roll but it looked like the game wasn’t called fairly or the refs favored Auburn, Bama had 28 points in the paint while Auburn had 6 they should have had more fouls than us and they had free throws handed to them on a silver platter. And #4 on Auburn’s team was playing like he was a linebacker he grabbed one of the Bama players and did not get called for a foul ridiculous.

  4. Wow. What an awesome comeback overtime win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!?!??????!!!!! 2 seconds……!!

  5. If Bama can keep their players out of jail, they could make a deep run in the Dance.

  6. The officials did all they could to aid Auburn, but Bama was just too strong.

  7. I like how they didn’t highlight Griffen 16 points he lead the team this game this dude will be a 1st round next year if he stays

  8. There's nothing quite as sweet as beating Auburn…Especially at their place in front of the home crowd!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!! 🌊 🌊🐘🐘🐘 🏀

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  10. Well that’s good. Maybe Alabama won’t kill any of Auburn’s historic trees. For now.

  11. Best part was the 2 dunks to end the game…. in their house! Next game they’ll get to see what the Iron Bowl trophy looks like when they come to Tuscaloosa.

  12. Greene is the cheapest bball player I've ever seen. And the biggest crybaby as well. How does he get away with those flop jump shots every game? He literally takes jump shots and tries to jump into the closest player and they call it a foul on defense every time. How's that legal please explain?

  13. If Griffen gains a lil more confidence and starts dunking on everybody, that’s when you know😮. That boi a whole nother weapon RTR

  14. we'll see how far the wareagletigerplainsmen go in the tourney, they're certainly a good team

  15. Miracle, when you get a close up of the white players, there black, it's crazy..there all black..where are they from..frica

  16. Worst highlights package ever put together. Disgraceful.

  17. In my assessment, Alabama Crimson Tide have all the pieces to make a Run at the National Title barring some team getting hot and lucky. The Roll-Tide can Shoot from the Outside, They work the ball around finding the open man, they're taking the ball to the rim strongly and their defense, steals are being ran back the other way and they're turning steals into points, pick 2 slam dunks particularly!

  18. Bama shouldn't be allowed in any postseason play whatsoever. It's now been confirmed that two active players played a role in the shooting of a woman. Yet they've been allowed to stay on the team and frankly that is a disgusting farce. Brandon Miller deserves jail time not being able to play basketball amongst free society. He should be in chains like the animal he is.

  19. It shows this after todays thiller. This was still goo highlights bama.showed that there the team to beat today. Winning close games like this vs your rival that also very good. Better then any 40 point blowout can be

  20. Alabama is a disgrace of a program. Playing Brandon Miller. America hates that guy.

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