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I get tackled out of the sky in Tory Lanez game unfortunately lol


  1. Dirty players have no talent so they resort to being a brute. You’re a badass! I’m from Kendall and I would’ve love to have a baller such as you in my team. Keep it up boss!

  2. Nothing but fuckin excuses lmao all that shit you talk

  3. Foul that man harder 🤣 can't stand watching these guys play b-ball like reminds me of Takahashi 69 or Soulja boy

  4. Even youre getting more look like Charlie the Bully..i still subscribe and follow

  5. could’ve just him him with a euro step g

  6. they didnt want to pass the wall to me going home wah wah

  7. Great energy as usual sorry about the hard foul

  8. What happened to the wigga accent?!?
    & that dude was hunting cos black dudes don’t like getting dunked on by white boys!!! U know that!

  9. Just came across this video now but dude that fouled you is Jack McClinton, he's an absolute bucket especially back in college

  10. Your the ONLY! White boy I know tat challenge blacks on a daily and cry when shy wit real.. shut up! 🤫

  11. Nick, I'll give you one guess as to what that guy had against you….

  12. 2:03 was a normal foul in the 80’s and 90’s now they call little hand checking and watch where you land space….defender can’t get to close.

  13. I swear yesterday nick had 592k and now he’s 60k

  14. Guys should foul you! Talking to camera! Who are you dude!!?? That's not ball! Put camera away and ball.. you pussied out because of foul? Coach pulled you because instead of getting in huddle.. your talking to camera man. Stick with pickup games..

  15. Love this shit butttt your street ball videos are too good

  16. Hahaha you let Tory down bruh. Go get your headband

  17. I think that guy saw your videos into the future and thought you needed some humbling.

  18. Dude was so threatened by you. He’s a clown

  19. I know there was gonna be haters when I sorted the comments

  20. Been watching your channel for quiet sometime! Deff building your platform to the next level.

  21. Hey Nick, you're white….act like it 👍🏼

  22. Who is the racist piece of shit that flagrantly fouled you?
    I would have swung on him. Fuck that shit.

  23. Nick talks shit until he gets hit. Then its all cool. I would have been pissed that shit was dirty.

  24. That’s was tough my guy and what a 🤡 for that shit

  25. that's when you slow up and hit em with the d-wade euro step and watch them fly by. gotta be less predictable.

  26. It’s a fucking charity game smhhh that’s some bum shit. Good thing you’re alright Briz

  27. Just because you hit a freethrow doesn't make you a G it is what you're supposed to do when you go to the line. Nick talks So much shit all the time but when he gets taken to school all the sudden he's Mr. Nice guy. lol You are a joke nick and I hope you see my comment and know the only reason you get views is because people who aren't real hoopers and just want to see amatuers at a park get in fights watchYour lame Videos. You wish you could actually ball. You didn't go D1 For a reason. You couldn't cut it. Real hoopers play D1 and then go on to play pro somewhere. You scrape out a living playing terrible players at parks and Drag when you win against people who Play basketball every weekend. You play every day and You still almost lose almost every game you and your buddies play. The only reason you even Keep Carlos on your team is because you like When he Gives you back shots after the game. Yous a lame !!!

  28. "I think I fouled him a lil bit" 🤦🏾‍♂️white privilege at its finest. 1st off he beat u on the 1st step which is y u had to foul smh. It's a charity game but u hacking from da tip . Shoulda let him lay da ball up for charity stupid. n then wanna complain bout jit playin for a contract. Smh accountability so foreign to y'all it's disgusting.. u fouled him twice. 1st w a simple reach got all arm then jumped on his back so he couldn't even get a shot up.. that's how ppl get hurt. Lol that's y u got hurt.😂😂😂 I Used to watch ya videos .. but u campaigning for sumn u Kno nothin about .. keep goin to these parks on that bs u Gon keep getting humbled !! Simple math .

    Sincerely a Ny Nigga

  29. I heard your content was fake bruh I’m taking back my sub

  30. He tried to get some on me, no he got way more and took your lunch

  31. Unsubscribbed… free carlo… ur a lowlife after this bs cuz all the evidence points to u being only bout the money and faking to get clicks. The fact that I actually did like your channel and what you Do. I just think it got to be where You just thought about yourself which happens but you can't even admit it. And to put cash in in the middle of it is pretty sick minded. No ill will but good luck.

  32. Fuck them fools theres always tht hater whos a ball hogger

  33. 2:15 bitches be lookin at yo azz lol (hopefully that time stamp works but prob doesnt)

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