New Zealand - Japan | Highlights - FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2021 -

New Zealand – Japan | Highlights – FIBA Women’s Asia Cup 2021

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Enjoy the highlights of the game between New Zealand and Japan of the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup 2021!


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  1. Ok I'm gonna state some observations.1. I watched Japan's women basketball team matches from 2017 until Olympic Tokyo 2020. I immediately fall in love with the team. The way they played their game was MESMERISING. 2. Quick fast break after concede points, fast ball movement, sneaky backdoor runs, MINDBLOWING 3 POINT SHOOTERS (yuki miyazawa, saki hayashi, motohachi), strong forward and centres (takada, nagaoka, mawuli), supreme PGs (machida, hachimoto, fujioka) who can shoot 3s and can lay up lightning fast and had extreme vision (this is machida's speciality). 3. Now this currect new Japan's team for 2021 asia cup is disappointingly several notches below the standard of the past team. 4. I watched the games and i must say if Japan meet australia or China, they are well doomed. Standards have dropped. No more quick counter after concede, no more fast ball movements, no more tricky backdoor run and passes, not even crazy stream of 3s.5. And i really am not impressed with the new coach. Yes he was an assistant to Tom Hovasse but come on… he's now the head coach! How can he 90pct SIT WITH HANDS ON LAP while the match was in intense heat? Japan were at one point pegged by 8 points and he casually sit on the chair? Not just that, the chair was visually sit a bit back compare to others? Where's the authoritative figure? Show some control and power and encouragement to your team!!All in all, i miss the golden generation of Machida-motohachi-miyazawa-takada-nagaoka-fujioka. Those players were extreme top class players. And of course, i miss Tom Hovasse brooding and at times clapping acknowledging his team shots and blocks and steals.

  2. I hope our Gilas Women's team can employ a system like Japan's. Just beautiful basketball.

  3. ロースコアでしたね。ディフェンスで凌ぎ切った試合だったのでしょうか?

  4. 最後ななちゃん前線走ってんのナイス😃💕

  5. 自分達のバスケを信じて闘う姿に感動しています。

  6. Auckland NEW ZEALAND 50 vs 60 Tokyo JAPAN

  7. Japan got away with a win. That's all that matters

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