Never PANIC In Big Basketball Games AGAIN! How To Be Confident Under Pressure! -

Never PANIC In Big Basketball Games AGAIN! How To Be Confident Under Pressure!

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How to not panic in basketball games and be confident and calm even if you’re nervous about a high pressure game!

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Confidence and mental toughness go a long way in games, and staying calm and trying not to panic are a part of that, so don’t let your nerves get the best of you!

The tips in this video will show you how to stop freaking out, using some simple breathing and practice drills.

Do these before playing your game or tryouts and you’ll be confident that you know how to handle the situation!

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  1. Thank you so much coach jesse this helped me out alot im always nervous in huge games lol

  2. Look im not saying i should be 9/10 shooter but ive practiced so hard i think i should be a 5/10 shooter. I have this doubt inside me that causes me to miss. I even bought a shooting target. I just wanna know how to get rid of that doubt that gets in the way and causes me to miss

  3. Thank you very much it’s helpful and your the real MVP

  4. ik this is off topic but what are you wearing on your head

  5. Am I the only one who plays better when I'm excited?? I can't play good defense if I'm calm…

  6. Hey guys fun question:you guys think lamelo gonna make the NBA?

  7. Can you make a video on what and how to do in game moves

  8. This can be applied to pick up games as well, I play games with all skill levels and I been doing it for about a year and change the local gym, first few months, I had stage fright and worried about who was watching on the sideline or the glass doors, now I don't think about it very often, I mostly know who will be on the court and sometimes there are news ones, but at the end of it all, I go in there with a can do attitude, I might miss a few shots or get scored on, but I continue with the game, and try to not to get too emotional about it and I try and let it go after that last point is scored. At the end of the day even professionals go through it.

  9. Do you have a video on how to improve your left and right handles?

  10. LeBron is not calm because he has to carry his team to the finals.

  11. Hey any videos for getting shoots better? My shoot always touch the rim but they don't go in the hoop! any drills or videos? then please share the link!

  12. what should I do to give my opponent a thight defense ?

  13. there both super chill, but i would have to go with lebron

  14. Hi coach ive been wondering how do i get more spin on the ball when i shoot as sometimes i shoot and the ball doesnt seem to spin that much such as players like kyrie or steph or any great shooters. Great vid btw coach

  15. lebron james stays more calm than Kyrie. He's done this kind of thing multiple times

  16. How do you get back in the groove I am a decent player maybe above average but for the past 3 months I have been off and can't play well what should I do by the way I am a center

  17. How can I pass my defender if he guard me when I'm a righty he guard me at the right ?

  18. I have a game today I want to get 15 points thanks can u please like this and I’ll try to score 20 lol

  19. Can u show what to do for different defense players playing u straight up , playing u to your left and playing u to your right?
    What moves to get pass them?

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