Never PANIC In Big Basketball Games AGAIN! How To Be Confident Under Pressure! -

Never PANIC In Big Basketball Games AGAIN! How To Be Confident Under Pressure!

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How to not panic in basketball games and be confident and calm even if you’re nervous about a high pressure game!

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Confidence and mental toughness go a long way in games, and staying calm and trying not to panic are a part of that, so don’t let your nerves get the best of you!

The tips in this video will show you how to stop freaking out, using some simple breathing and practice drills.

Do these before playing your game or tryouts and you’ll be confident that you know how to handle the situation!

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  1. Coach can you make a video why you get stolen by your pass pls

  2. I always panic on fastbreak… when i steal the ball and sometimes i lost the ball because someone is screaming….

  3. Hey coach I'm so glad u added this video I was nervous before my game and then I went out and dropped 10 points after watching this

  4. Kyrie can focus his handlings when he's in a very dangerous situation in getting inside the paint. So I think Kyrie plays more calmly than LeBron.

  5. Coach what do I do if I’m scared to get the ball cause they pass to me I get nervous and my handles go down and I just shoot a dumb shot or pass immediately my first games today so try to reply fast ty nice video d btw

  6. Kyrie is better at staying calm in big games big fax

  7. Last game I had 18 points with 3/3 from three. However I am nervous that I won't compete on the same level. Hopefully this video helps me for today's match.

  8. I feel like when I take up the ball I get scared

  9. Harden needs this to beat the warriors.

  10. I don't understand i have the skills. When i play with older competition at pickup i destroy them. But at pratcite just like it's not me

  11. I am so pressure when I'm playing but now it's okay

  12. Kyrie is calmer under pressure and thank u for the video helps

  13. I have a game tomorrow 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 plz help me imma choke so hard

  14. I have a game today can you give me any tips

  15. I always panic if I get the ball during a press break cause I don’t wanna lose the ball

  16. I always panic I play basketball it is scary when I go but then it’s ok

  17. my problem is when im too tensed i become predicatable and almost one dimensional doing the same move over and over and i gotta stop that by chlliing down

  18. My problem is with the panic when I'm playing vs tall guys and want to start playing with more with my mind and be better player

  19. I feel like Lebron is more calm why I say that he has knocked down some of the most clutch shoots and has done it over and over again and also he has proved people wrong in a lot of situations I still like kyrie

  20. Just go to the Weedborn website if you want to know how to heal yourself.

  21. am the one dude who's really good in practice but not so good in games 😅😔

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