Nets vs. Lakers INSANE NBA Basketball Challenges -

Nets vs. Lakers INSANE NBA Basketball Challenges

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In the spirit of tonight’s game, I gathered the boys to do some Nets vs. Lakers NBA basketball challenges! Who do you think will win?

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DM’ING 100 NBA Players To Rate My Basketball Skills

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  1. When the nets scored their tenth point in the 3v3 it was the biggest travel I’ve ever seen

  2. I love yall so much I watch yall when I was 5

  3. The funniest people on YouTube and yall are good Mitchell needs to get better at basketball all y'all are good but Mitchell needs to get better Jeff Jesse

  4. Kris is one of the only youtuber i've seen rocking the magic johnson jersey and it makes me happy

  5. I’m so stressed being a laker fan when the comeback happened I was 💀 this game is trash

  6. Jesser I just want to let you know that you make my day each time I am feeling down and you and everyone in 2 hype are my favorite YouTube’s so can you notice me

  7. Is that rim 10' cause kris is dunking with ease …

  8. Jesse took three steps on the 10 point shot

  9. JesserTheGoat JesserYt. AKAKA Jsr AKAKA JesserLazer17GoatPG

  10. Did you guys not see Kris’s ankles get took?

  11. You should do a montage of you scoring every time jesser

  12. moochie reminds me of that trae young quote "always remember when they doubted you"

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