Nervous Before Basketball Games? Never Again ✊ -

Nervous Before Basketball Games? Never Again ✊

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Let’s face it, we’ve all faced nervousness at some point. If you’re one of those players, though who just can’t seem to get over those pre game jitters then Coach Tim’s video today is just for you. Coach Tim shares his secrets to getting over pre game nerves AND what you can do once you’re in the game to get rid of them all together if they’re still there! This one is PACKED with knowledge, be sure to dial in for the entire thing!

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  1. Who are the 5 devils that disliked this video
    Thanks coach all the way from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  2. We are about to play a 6,2 girl in sixth grade who put up 26 points against high schoolers

  3. When I play basketball and have a ball I always feel my heart pumping fast and my concentration is broke,my focus lose because many people watching is laughing at me Then I got shy to do my next move ,I try to build my confidence I hope I win

  4. Hey, I am scared to shoot the ball any body have any tips?

  5. I feel like after watching this I’ve been “enlightened”

  6. Growing up I was I was always so scared I get so embarrassed when I miss it breaks me I try so hard on defense but on offense all i do is pass I probably only averaged like 4 points I went many games without scoring a everybody expects me to be so good but I dispoint them I'm 15 right now I'm athletic and tall but I'm just scared and when I do win its like I feel bad for the other person. I feel like something inside of me is stopping me I just want to kill it so bad

  7. By the almighty God I will Work on it thanks so much really get inspired from u .

  8. The last time I was fully confident went 6/9 from triples

  9. I want to play pro im 24, getting prepared, but with this pandemic there is literally 0 basketball in my country

  10. I’m not going to show fear in the game. Thanks you for this video

  11. Watching this right now got a game later

  12. I can always play great defense but I always try to play it safe on offense… need to believe in myself more.

  13. Playing basketball is all about having faith in yourself, no matter what level you play in.

  14. I’m good playing basketball with my friends that I know at the court I usually go to but when I go to the other court with my friends but also people watching us I can’t play thank you for this

  15. Repent of all your sins to ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST AMEN

  16. Good stuff coach, you know what you're talking about.

  17. Game tm but its not basketball its a varsity football game

  18. Thank you for real I always put work in but when I get the ball I pass it

  19. This is great Coach I'm gonna show my boys this.

  20. thanks this helped alot i wasn’t to confident for my football and basketball game tomorrow but now im ready

  21. who else get nervous for there first that they started practise for a team when there a bunch of people that have been there for years

  22. Watching this 3 days before going to spain playing for a team I’ve never played with in one of worlds biggest u19 tournaments as a 16 year old. Here in sweden I’m aggresive and playing good aint a problem for me. So this nervousness is new for me and this video helped me.

  23. I start at the five. I had a good first two games and then these past two were worse then freshman year (im a junior) idk how to help or fix it

  24. I am not a starter, i am like a bench warmer. So i came to this video because I got a game today, tomorow and at Saturday. This advice really hypes me up. I will let you guys know how it went.

  25. You got this gang! Now go drop 15+ points

  26. My final game is tomorrow morning this is my last game at the uni, jm so fkn nervous i dont wanna lose it , pray for me

  27. I myself when I'm on practice I always get nervous because I care about what coach thinks about me, but when we play official games all the stress disappear and I really do make crazy stuff (for example: " playing good defense, getting " and one " .. etc) , I wish I can always make these crazy stuff in practice too.. I'm really sad because coach doesn't know that I can do a lot of things.
    Thanks coach for this video by the way, this video helped me alot.

  28. Thank you so much about this, coach.
    Im a 6'3 in a country where that is abnormal i mean… I've been playing alot with smaller players so i had this thing thats holding me back that i might hurt them and it just sucks so much for me

  29. Me watching these for the 1st time. Damnnn evertime I play with a referee with many viewers. it's like I'm loosing my confidence. I can't hold or dribble the ball properly because I started to have a fear of what if I lose the ball or something or what if they laugh at me. But the 1st thing the speaker said was right. Attack when you got the ball. From there you will build your confidence back again.

  30. Thank you for sharing this video and great tips.

  31. When I play with ppl I know, I play as good as I would want to, but as soon as it’s unfamiliar ppl who are very good, I lose all confidence smh.

  32. When I was younger, I would kill playing at the rec and the park. But when it came to real organized games, I would be so nervous that it would be as if I completely forgot how to play basketball. But once I started practicing more often, playing against better competition, received better coaching, and playing in more organized games, now I don't get nervous in games at all. The same way I play in pickup is the same way I play in an organized game. You can't tell the difference. They key is to practice often and practice hard. If your games are harder than your practices than you're doing the wrong thing. And more importantly do individual drills. Playing 5v5 and 3v3 is cool, but when playing live games you're only doing what you're good at. Doing individual drills will make you improve on what you're not good at, then take those new found skills to the live games and your game will take off to a whole new level 💯

  33. When I get the ball when it’s pick up game, I feel just fine but when I get the ball in a game I panic a lot

  34. I started playing 2021 im 13 now not that much experience but when I play pickup games I get so nervous I don't play like myself.

  35. thank you for the advice this really gonna help me

  36. I always get butterflies but once I step on the floor it goes away

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