Nerd Exposes Hostile Hoopers at Venice Beach -

Nerd Exposes Hostile Hoopers at Venice Beach

Professor Live
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  1. Insane ball handling skill set, can't get enough of this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. watching this because i cant play basketball. i got names by playing

  3. "I'm not sure what hes refering too"" Loool

  4. Bro you need to do more Nerd joints! That was Great!!! lol

  5. Imagine that nerd was just disguised. What if it was an NBA player

  6. “Splendor On the Cement!”

    A Classic Concept from The Professor.

    A reminder that Not Everything Is As It Seems

    A lesson in: Color Has No Boundaries

    Tiger Woods – Golf

    Eminem – Rap

    The Professor- Basketball

    We’re all in this life together SO MIGHT AS WELL…


  7. Bro join the NBA cmon you'd be a legend

  8. Wow That was way more fun watching then the nba games by far .

  9. Bro if they keep doing this in Venice they are going to get shot

  10. Questa non è venezia comunque mi sembra piu america (parla un veneto ) !

  11. The last guy with the reds shorts was definitely pushed. They even repeated that part. I was loving everything til I seen that part. Do got amazing skills tho

  12. **(angry shouts)
    **(I have no enemies smile): It was almost competition / I read the formula last night 😂

  13. What do you mean nerd😮 You clearly see he is showing that he is pro😅 His cloths are for only pros

  14. 😢”He’s pulling on my arm” 😂😂😂 sound like LeBron James!!

  15. After all these years the ballers don’t recognize him! It doesn’t matter either way still fun to watch him.
    But I’m old and I know who he is!

  16. There was an actual player who had mad skills like Professor, in the NBA, name Pistol Pete Maravich. He was not allowed to palm or carry the ball either.

  17. Love these type of vidz 😂👍🏻 💯🌎🙏

  18. They do let you carry the ball in games now….sigh

  19. Exposes Hostile Hoopers?? Great video but the title is clickbait.

  20. Wow, this guy is exceptionally incredredible

  21. I wonder how much those "practice shots" ran up the bets? 🤣

  22. When you have a white guy who ACTUALLY has black friends, he's accepted, loved, and over-all skilled mentally, physically, and just unstoppable!

  23. This is like watching Kuroko's basketball bruh, This a whole ass anime😂

  24. I can't get over the backpack lol. It would drive me crazy trying to play with a backpack on.

  25. oh saweeeeet! Hoooops in da hooood…. Id do that… being a privileged whitey that hasnt done much of anything other than eating and vacating his bowels… id prolly give up the first few bad hoop attempts..but ill gladly sit courtside checking out all the honeys there. mmm mmm. big boooooty!

  26. Ése nerds juega más que un gato chiquito.

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