Nebraska vs #10 Wisconsin Basketball Game Highlights 3 6 2022 -

Nebraska vs #10 Wisconsin Basketball Game Highlights 3 6 2022

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Nebraska vs #10 Wisconsin Basketball Game Highlights 3 6 2022
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  1. These refs were awful in wisconsins favor glad to see the huskers pull through

  2. Seems like the officials tried to help Wisconsin

  3. Great. So now I guess Nebraska is in the tournament.

    Way to go Wisconsin. Way to help burst the bubbles of so many better deserving teams.

  4. It is even tougher to win playing 7 against 5. The "refs" were doing everything they could to get Wisconsin the win. A little bigger paycheck maybe? It was quite obvious from as far away as North Texas.

  5. Not really an upset with Johnny Davis out with injury. He's the heart of the Badgers and would have taken over the game in the 2nd half.

  6. Which Family do these 60 year old refs belong to? Are they required to spot Wisconsin 20?

  7. “Shock the basketball world”…. Hyperbole much…. 🤣

  8. Wisconsin had an outside shot at a #1 seed until this loss, but I would think they are locked into a two seed.

  9. OMFG Fred Hoiberg is on a roll! What in christ's name is this?!?!?? WOW!

  10. Hope Davis is ok I hate to see any team lose a player of that magnitude or any player for that matter.

  11. To the Cornhuskers of Nebraska, Boilernation says "Thank you!"

  12. Verge showed that he’s their leader once again💯 he gets a technical while tied up and Wisconsin goes up 10 he comes back in foul trouble and takes over the game!!!!

  13. Terrible but not unexpected performance by the badgers. I will be surprised if they make the sweet 16.

  14. One, Verge is one helluva player. Two, Wisconsin played to or below their talent level as opposed to well above it, which is what they've done most of the year. Three, those refs played really well for the home team. Four, the Mayor must have a lot of self-control. Tom Izzo would have been tossed three times over if he had to suffer that officiating.

  15. Go Big Red!!!! WTF? Is Hot hand good enough for a bid – if so why play the season at all?

  16. Hepburn should’ve shot that 3 off the backboard. Worked against Purdue

  17. Well Nebraska may have ¨Shocked the Basketball World!¨ but not too much me… yours truly, back again, Purdue, B.S. Math, Class of '74 and a human-ET hybrid from Planeta Fred here to observe and report. But seriously, terrícolas (earthlings), they play baloncesto aquí (basketball here) in Puebla and, quite frankly, I found no one who was shocked. As a matter of fact, I can't even find a single other fully human, non-hybrid type being here who even saw the game, was wearing the least bit quizzical expression, or who said, ¨¡Dios Mío! ¿Nebraska? ¿Ganó?¨{won?). So, as I've said at least a million times this season… <Let's be careful with all the hyperbole.> RT sends… envía… Colonia Centro Histórico, Puebla, México…

  18. the reffing in that 2nd half i have to admit was pathetic and this is coming from a wisconsin fan, you have to give nebraska credit in this game. are badger guys didn't come to play

  19. Congrats to Nebraska on the win. Full disclosure, I am a Wisconsin resident and root for the Badgers. How does everybody feel about the flagrant foul by Trey McGowen on Johnny Davis?

  20. It’s the whole teams fault can’t get the rebounds against the worst team cornhunkers and Greg Gard is a waste of time for not using the last timeout with 12 seconds left

  21. Nebraska has team talent will make noise in big ten tourney.

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