NCAA Tournament Elite 8: LSU Tigers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes | Full Game Highlights -

NCAA Tournament Elite 8: LSU Tigers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes | Full Game Highlights

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Watch these highlights as Caitlin Clark and the No. 1 Iowa Hawkeyes take down Angel Reese and the No. 3 LSU Tigers, 94-87, in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Elite 8. The Hawkeyes will go on to take on the winner of No. 1 USC Trojans vs. No. 3 UConn Huskies in the Final Four.

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  1. Well, these comments didn’t end well. Karen Clark just got whooped by some homegirls.
    NO Championship = NO RING
    South Carolina whooped that 🐐

  2. Caitlin got off to a slow start but got it going in the 2nd half

  3. i went to school with hannah(erskine middle school), born and raised in cedar rapids iowa, its awesome to see her and her team succeed in life

  4. Some of these white girls looking thick tho

  5. I don’t watch basketball, but Caitlin Clark has got my attention. I wish I could have discover her sooner. But man…she is good😭❤️

  6. If angel Reese didn’t get injured lsu would have won

  7. Can't get that Championship without going through the SEC!!!! S. Carolina got that revenge on Iowa, like LSU had our back last year…SEC is a family!

  8. Seeing these ladies hoop like this is crazy!😂🔥

  9. Shame clark lost two championships.

    She can go leech in the WNBA.

  10. Boring no dunks it's like watching a high school basketball game

  11. Never would have thought I would be watching woman play basketball. Clark is a beast

  12. Whatever the defensive strategy was for LSU, i hated it.

  13. 정말 멋지네요 오늘부터 팬 합니다

  14. Angel Reese sit down she’s quite now

  15. Here after clark lost another championship game 😆

  16. Next NBA 3point contest,Clark will beat curry

  17. funny the media doesn't talk about this game.

  18. Caitlin Clark is the future of basketball period

  19. this game was great they killed it

  20. Next time they should stand for the National Anthem!

  21. Clark has an amazing quick release and perfect range sighter. Is she as quick as Steph Curry ?

  22. 11:54 getting fingerolled by a player a foot shorter than you. Trash defense again by reese.

  23. 15:15 CC celebrating with her team instead of following reese around the court begging for attention. Class in wins, class in losses.

  24. What happened to the unbeatable LSU #1 recruiting class just a good team nothing special happened

  25. I’m a South Carolina fan but before the championship game I was nervous because of Clark. Everyone else were super confident. I remember what she did to us last year, but this year we got her.

  26. I’m not a clark fan but the woman can ball. She dragged that team to the championship

  27. is it me or is Hannah Stuelke the cutest "big" ever? Love her coy smile and afro puffs.

  28. Clark is too cold with it, sent HVL to the shadow realm

  29. Been a while since I last watched a clip from WNBA…but these college girls move better and are more entertaining to watch 😅

  30. Clark The Best of the Best of women's college basketball bar none and you haters out there like it or not it's a fact

  31. U see what happens when angel Reese doesn’t have jasmine Carson and morris from last year😂

  32. Imagine if angel Reese was 5'8..she wouldn't be a factor…shes 6'3 barley can jump..ive seen her get blocked by girls alot shorter than her

  33. I'm here after the Chicago Sky pickup who else

  34. LSU didn't participate in the National Anthem, I think LSU players should lose their scholarships

  35. Caitlin Clark is the Goat women's basketball player. Nuff said.

  36. The champion versus Caitlin Clark

  37. This the first time I watch aa women basketball highlights. Kudos to caitlin. 🎉

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