NBA Player tries my layups 😂 -

NBA Player tries my layups 😂

Tristan Jass
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I showed a few of my NBA buddies the layup package…

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  1. The fact that you landed before you layed it up is a L

  2. You mean someone who practice these types of shots are better at them than someone who practices for the actual NBA game

  3. They need to add sertian YouTubers layup/dunking packages in 2k

  4. bro really got sandro mamukilashvili and jordan nwora of all people 💀

  5. TJass could make it into the nba if he was above 6 feet

  6. ოპა. სანდრო😊🎉

  7. I can now say i am on the same skill level as an nba player

  8. How long u think this noodle head gon get the same haircut and make videos of layups for? U think he gon be doin it at 30-35 years old?

  9. it’s not a dbl 360 smh n ur jersey looks dumb being backwards

  10. I watched the video to see what shot made her react like that. And tbh,I woulda reacted the same way if i saw someone do that shit and make it

  11. Reminder this man has practiced these shots thousands of times these are mfs trying it for the first time

  12. They practice everything around basketball, tristan is just doing unpractical lay ups 😂

  13. Bro should be in the nba rn💀💀💀

  14. Look stupid wearing the jersey on backwards

  15. Quick poll Question. Would you rather be able to do a weird lay up or make nba money🤣. No thanks bro, I'm good on the lay ups. I like lobster and Bentleys way more than lay ups.

  16. Never understood the Backwards Jersey, I hate when I put on shirts backwards by accident. I can feel it choking me out and to play a whole session like that is wild to me

  17. Sandro Mamukelashvili! He seems like a cool dude

  18. Double 360 between the legs lay up

    Just the one 360 then

  19. I’m waiting on the double 360 mfa hit like a 180

  20. They really added the real life Scarlett Johansson meme to this video.

  21. Permed hair on white guys looks so ridicukpus

  22. Wow it’s almost like that’s useless in a game

  23. The tall guy has dyslexia or something. He spun the wrong way for both of his attempts.

  24. They can’t do it because it’s a complete waste of time 😂

  25. He was sandro mamuckelashvili from my contury "Georgia"

  26. This kid kills me bruh 😂😂 if he's not traveling in a video, he hits us all with a banger and flips his jersey backwards!?! Bruhhhh, you need someone in your circle to call you on dumb shit 😂😂

  27. Why is he wearing the jersey backward……. looks so fking weird

  28. Dudes that cant play above the rim practice lay ups…

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