NBA "Most Amazing Plays of 2023 Regular Season" MOMENTS -

NBA “Most Amazing Plays of 2023 Regular Season” MOMENTS

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This video features players like: Steph Curry, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Ja Morant, Luka Doncic and LaMelo Ball

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  1. Just imagine how many Clutch player of the year awards Kobe would have

  2. I know the mavs are eliminated, but Luka is still one of the best players in the league

  3. Amazing compilation! Shocked Dame vs Murray back to back game winning threes was not on here, but can't get them all

  4. This is the best year of basketball ever. NBA, both NCAAs.

  5. Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving or Allen Iverson

  6. This season was amazing full of amazing moments ❤🔥

  7. push-off, travel Five replays? Seriously?

    The second was also a double travel before a pass. The third was a charging foul. The fourth was Kevin Durant dribbling normally and a defender slipping on his own shoes and not bothering to get up. The fifth looked like a special Olympians drive to the basket and subsequent slip. These plays would have been on a blooper reel anytime pre-2016. 50% of the only good plays are literal goofs by defenders. The last one is a player double-dribbling twice with no call. I haven't seen a basketball player dribbling with both hands like that since grade school. No wonder 500-year-old Lebron James is still draining 30+ on these fools. Prime Jordan would have average 60 PPG in 2023.

    No wonder no one is watching this shit anymore.


  9. 9:38 Jordan Pooles ladies aren’t gonna like that😂😂😂😂

  10. I got to say Curry is my fav player his plays are great, but he is getting old

  11. where do you find these instrumental music from?

  12. bro even in video game i can't make 30% of that stuff

  13. good video, but u very clearly dont give a fk about the wolves lol

  14. Lukas reaction to his clutch shot is like a little kid it is so heart warming to watch

  15. I wanna see that "Lebron James comes right back" play

  16. I’m just wondering why the nba hasn’t brought back Jeremy Lin? Anyone with basketball IQ can see he has elite lv skills even Kobe said so.. so what’s up?

  17. 1:40 wasn’t no offensive foul bra was still moving who got the charge

  18. did lakers win when lebron hit that shot?

  19. Well obviously the bucks have to be the favorite. There's only 1 ball. Can ANY1 explain what the Celtics are doing? stevens had a lobotomy or needs1.

  20. You're gonna move your ONLY big/rebounder/Shot Blocker, a fmr dpoy, & the reigning 6th man? & G.W., for injury euro-wimp & 35yr old jrue?

  21. 2 minutes in – favourite golden hoops video of all time

  22. Just want to thank you guys for yet another amazing regular season ! I can't describe how thankful I am to have this platform with such amazing viewers ! I am forever grateful for you guys, you have changed my life for the better ! Thanks for always being here ♥

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