NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball (by ELECTRONIC ARTS) Android Gameplay [HD] -

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball (by ELECTRONIC ARTS) Android Gameplay [HD]

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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Game – Choose your path to greatness in an all-new season of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile. Build your team, dominate opponents, mix and match current stars and classic legends, and connect with weekly content.

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With NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Gameplay capture the spotlight and create your legacy your way in the world’s most downloaded basketball game. Create the ultimate roster of current stars and classic legends, from Joel Embiid to Allen Iverson. Quickly learn player specialties with Archetypes, then unleash a dream squad to put up numbers. With improved controls, easily pick up and play, getting into the action fast. Boost skills, level up mastery, and go for buzzer-beater buckets that will earn you glory and rewards.

Experience fast plays NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball and beat opponents in Head-to-Head matches. Ball your way to the top anytime with up-to-date leaderboards, collecting solid rewards to improve team performance. The higher your players’ OVR, the better they’ll play on the court. Strategy rules in Showdown – it’s going to be a battle for victory.

Connect to the NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball all year long with campaigns that keep you raining buckets in the most current events. Score incredible bonuses in real-life matchups and break ankles in every mode with friends and foes. Become a hoop master all day, every day.

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  1. I forgot to screen record a play that u was supposed to put in my YT channel it was so LIT 🔥. It was a blind reverse layup when RJ Barrett was about to hit the ground. It was so clutch too, there was 24 seconds left after I hit that shot. It was against Dallas Marvericks and I won it in OT. I didn’t win in the 4th quarter because Luka Doncic did the game winning tie to send the game to overtime. Anyways that was the best game I ever had playing this game.

  2. "00:44"😂 Ok that is the best: Injapp 📌 disregard others they're BS

  3. this game sucks because it needs internet but nba2k games dosent include internet

  4. after watching this video i downloaded the game

  5. I wish it could be a full game. I mean not just play some minutes in 4th Q. But play full games in all periods, whichever teams and tournaments. Like on ps4.

  6. Les invito a ver mi vídeo es más de comedia de NBALive móviles sigan al Cangri y al Tío Ernesto espero que les guste el video y me apoyen con un like o suscripción aqui es dejo el link Gracias

  7. I will show you how to be a pro at slam dunking

  8. I hope EA will make it's full version of NBA Live where we can play a full 12 minutes per quarter in Android. I think EA is capable of making that app with just 1gb file. I'm tired with 2K sports.

  9. In 1 quarter of “season” I can’t make 20-30 points,

  10. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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