NBA Craziest "Hail Mary" Shots -

NBA Craziest “Hail Mary” Shots

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NBA Craziest “Hail Mary” Shots (HD)
Players Shooting LONG RANGE Shots!!!
Joshua 1:9


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  2. 0:370:38 he should have gotten a foul, he hold the ball with two hands and then dribbled it, but the shot still counts, bruh NBA scam

  3. Please look up hail Mary. I think you miss read it

  4. 2:45 "kyrie a bum"?! Lmao this commentator is fearless😂

  5. When a green release dosent miss at all

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  7. MY IDOL IS CURRY 1 HAHAHA 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  8. Of course people never show the 100s of misses Lillard shoots from 30+ feet.

  9. I feel like these are just everyday shots for Lillard and Curry at this point, it looks a shot they just as comfortable taking as a mid range jumper.

  10. Lillard is only slightly above average at 30% from shooting 30+ feet, while the league shoots 27%.

  11. More and more players are turning these kind of shots into customary tools in their game lol. It's impressive

  12. I’m here for the real Hail Mary but mostly see the long range 3 pt.

  13. Wow, I have no idea how they do that, I’ve tried and my ball doesn’t even make it 10 feet away from me before it drops to the floor.. lol.. I hope I can see a pro NBA game one day..

    MrBeast,who made a half court shot while not looking:
    That's cute.

  15. the first 10 shots seem amazing to me but then its getting more and more boring

  16. It shouldn't really count as a Hail Mary if it's shot like a regular jumper as opposed to a desperation heave.

  17. Ok but how is a 3 point by lebron 9n there but not a playoff half cout on the run for a buzzer by lowy against Miami not on there

  18. That 3pt Shot muscle memory for Steph and Lillard.. these guys are lights out for those insane ranges.

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  23. Where was the Hornets game winner against the raptors

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