NBA Craziest "Hail Mary" Shots -

NBA Craziest “Hail Mary” Shots

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NBA Craziest “Hail Mary” Shots (HD)
Players Shooting LONG RANGE Shots!!!
Joshua 1:9


  1. Imagine missing the logo shot 💀💀

  2. This is the moment when Graham makes it🏀🏀🏀

  3. I love you Curry and you have the best shots l

  4. Midorima: então é preciso vários de vcs para fazer um de min

  5. What did you except from curry the best 3 point shooter ever I an pretty sure

  6. Cant believe they didnt put shaqs free throw shot.

  7. Curry shot was a layup line 4 him!!! Sick

  8. russ's shot near the end is so funny to me bc that was probably (definitely) his worst game ever but he still hit that random ass halfcourt buzzer beater. i love him lmao

  9. If steven adams throw that in his maximum strenght it would have rich the moon

  10. It's not hard to hit a half court shot when you shoot 100 every practice. I hit 6 in a row when I was 14. All these players practice these shots. You want to see a good hail Mary shot. Look up magic's 3/4court shot. He didn't practice before either.

  11. 0:23 that looked like he barely put any strength for that half court shot

  12. What is it to do with Mary?What about Peter and Paul?

  13. This is the favourite video of Midorima Shintarou!!! HAHAHAHA

  14. Did anyone realize that most of these shots are before the buzzer?

  15. 未來NBA蓋新球場,場館的設計大概要在放寬到1.5倍,或許再多個5分球線也沒問題,現在3分球線對於頂級射手而言已經只是一塊小蛋糕了

  16. Only hail.marrys i saw were curry AND Steve Adams at the beggining …the rest are all normal range for curry but i Guess for this guys u can call It deep as 3s

  17. 如果比三分栏远射,本老李头1974年时在武汉铁路局花园铁路技术学校与同学们的一场计分比赛中,就在底线单手发球,将篮球发进了对面的篮筐中。那时一块打球的现在应该还有健在的。

  18. i swear if i see a lillard or curry, you clickbaited me

  19. Sheed practiced that shot in warm ups on the reg.

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