NBA 2K16 Might Be The Smartest Basketball Game Ever -

NBA 2K16 Might Be The Smartest Basketball Game Ever

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NBA 2K16 comprehensive summary of the new Defensive improvements this year! Learn about the Situational Awareness Modules and Adaptive Coaching Engine that powers NBA 2K16 AI.

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  1. I bought it for Xbox 360 a month ago for sale 20 bucks cant beat it for those that can't afford a new system or most haven't been interested in buying it yet I highly recommend this game for either system I love it! I had two xbox one's sold them due to my ex girlfriend smh.. This video I couldn't agree anymore I agree one hundred percent. That's what I love about it so realistic it's really starting to become a NBA Simulator also in the previous years games the playoffs they might I'm almost positive had it adjust it was much harder in the Playoffs! in previous games I couldn't handle All-Star now I can which is awesome because it's more realistic that being said when they adjust you must adjust how you play, pass, change pressure double teams deny ball to certain player not whole team I know one team in my division I can't wait to play and that's the Raptors we just knocked off the Heat and previously lost to the Pelicans by a buzzer beater only 2 points Anthony Davis had was to win the damn game haha! They do adjust bc when I played the heat D-Wade went ham and I got Andre Drummond down low but Jabari Parker who in the game is I'm making him the face of the nba me being a Nets fan I seen know who their coach is and it's bs that his ratings are DDDD bc his first year with Nets was good/decent. but yeah Dwyane Wade opened us up by driving on the smaller sized team which exposed us!! even though we won Wade put up about 25.. but the thing I love about it now is that I played basketball and that they adjust to your style as frustrating as it is, you gotta change your style to which I've been doing that's how I was able to beat the heat. Great Video! – XBL GT Notorious1Finn

  2. My question is why they made lebron look lightskin? Lol

  3. I'm excited to see it hopefully if they do badges again this year they put a progress bar on them instead of us having to track our own numbers to try to get badges.

  4. did you know the main guy for live 15 left ea and is now working on 2k16 he is scott o g they paid him alot to leave live hes the only reason 2k has foot planting with no sliding better defense n better lighting n better dribbling mechanics n better pick n roll basically 2k has everything Live 15 had

  5. Bruh this shit crazy they even stole nba live hunchback dribbling motion with the arm on the players side this shit crazy they stole all live shit plus 2k fans think this new lol they even have paint physics and 3d shoe scans n more they stole smh

  6. people bash live but when 2k copies live they be like OMG look at this shit dope

  7. looks like the overpowered positions will be point guard and center

  8. I like that defense is better because that was the one thing I wanted but it looks kind of over powered

  9. All about the benjamins is his theme song

  10. I'm loving everything 2k is doing but didn't they say some of this stuff in nba 2k14

  11. I bet all the 2k chezers gonna hate this lol

  12. Look all im gonna say is don't u ruin 2k16 like u did 15 bitch

  13. please don't tell me this is how the players really look it looks worst than 2k13

  14. sounds like i'm gonna sweat like crazy playing on hall of fame 🙁

  15. so many players are way lighter than they actually are

  16. It'll be good if all stuff actually happens but, the game not out yet so all we can do is wait, with how 2k is, it could all be talk or it could really be what they say.

  17. so bassicly their making the defense harder !! Cmon I cant even get through a CPU on 2k15!!

  18. that hof could be a grind eacha nd every game

  19. i have a question tho what is the upgrading system like in mycarrer for 2k16 cause i like live 16 one it was just like 2k11-14 system 2k should go back to it

  20. i rather play the demo to get a feel of the game. hope the gameplay does improve overall. none of the cheese and demigod

  21. every 2k game since 2010 got better Lil by Lil till next gen n that shit was way better. its the same process. & live back on the scene but they gotta couple years to go be4 they fucking wit 2k. frfr

  22. Cheesers gonna hate this defensive improvement from the ai

  23. Said that about 15 look what happened tho😩

  24. this just 2k15 with more detail graphics gameplay looks the same same animation dumb fucking tattoos but the want you to be a canvas with them lame ass bubble gum tattoos

  25. All stolen from live with this "new" stuff only buy 2k for my team and park and because I love basketball

  26. this game is going to make you play basketball. make you run plays. so get your basketball iq up.

  27. If da computer can do all dat shit so can we right?

  28. now we get to see who really can play 2k. i was tired of seeing overpowered offense in videos.

  29. They think they're slick with these little shitty ass clips. these are not long enough to judge the 1 on 1 physics, this is not the extremely broken MyCareer mode and I still see a helluva lot of sliding. show some isolation gameplay so we can truly judge if the cheesing side to side is gone, if strength, weight, and height makes a difference and if the defenders still morph, and if the defense's center/pf can still run up for a double team and be fast as fuck and stuck to you in an animation. these 3 sec clips don't disprove any of the mf cheeses. this aint shit.

  30. This is good news but are out AI teammates going to get the upgrade too? We weren't getting frustrated from our performance, it's that the computer AI was insane and your teammates were nerfed so much that you have to drop 45 every night to win.

  31. The same type of defense NBA live 15 has it so basically in NBA live 16 is gonna have it already with an improvement on better graphics from NBA live 15 and also all I see with 2k16 is the mouth piece improvement and some player bodies looks way too skinny

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