NBA 2K16 Might Be The Smartest Basketball Game Ever -

NBA 2K16 Might Be The Smartest Basketball Game Ever

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NBA 2K16 comprehensive summary of the new Defensive improvements this year! Learn about the Situational Awareness Modules and Adaptive Coaching Engine that powers NBA 2K16 AI.

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  1. They said that the AI's would get used to what you were doing in 15 too

  2. I feel like you need to have Max defence so it could be this effected and this shit ruined the game it's to op their going to do a patch of it because everyone is going to start crying

  3. They talk about cheese, the computer is the cheesiest thing in the game

  4. The other day you were just bitching about it

  5. Im Gonna Enjoy This Year Hopefully , Might Even Play MyTeam , Whats The Name Of Your Intro Song

  6. My only question is…..did they fix the OFFENSIVE CPU AI? Smh

  7. someone hold me back, i'm about to explode with excitement! ¬o¬

  8. Ooooooo talk about rage i cant wait to see xchasemoney this shit lol

  9. this is all cool to try to hype up…but honestly we'll see how this goes with user vs user gameplay

  10. But even with this new defense , there will still be overpowered dribble moves .

  11. Ain't gone be to many cheese balls in 2k16 "GREAT"

  12. I'm gonna start at rookie or all star just to get a good feel of it and then work my way up the difficulties when I get used to the new controls and feel of the ai

  13. Hopefully, if the game is very hard on hof and you can't get to the paint like you used to be able to in 2k15 and all the others, people don't start complaining it's tol hard or shit, cuz that's what basketball is and i like it like that and i don't want 2k to change it

  14. Holy fuck Crat you've grown like hell i was the one that won your 1M gta 5 psn code

  15. So now that we see this gameplay, were the park at?? Cause that's were the cheese all starts and that's what they really need to fix shit

  16. Not buying the hype yet. We'll see late September. As always, great video Crat.

  17. Hey LeAristocrat, I got a quick question. This doesn't really have anything to with the video, but i figured you could help since you seem to know your shit with 2k lol. Anyways, on the park with a max 3 pointer, I can't hit a single shot if it is not a green release. I actually tried contacting 2K and surprisingly they were useless. I can;'t make even a wide open jumper. Thanks

  18. I don't believe shit 2k selling y'all gone be complaining day 1 watch.

  19. To be honest all-star and up might be the most challenging. 2k15 is when I had to move down to that level after playing on Superstar for so many years. But the more they increase A.I the more difficult each level of the game gets. I'm excited though. Can't wait for this game. I'll be doing mycareer and NBA today with the Cavs!

  20. Honestly the people complaining about the defense being over powered, you niggas can't make up your mind last year you were like the defense got me sliding you guys can't make up your mind in my opinion I feel like this is a big step up in 2k because now people have to play real ball and you will be surprised at how many people just used cheese because they suck

  21. finally a defensive man to man 2k that ive been wanting for a very long time

  22. Carmelo Anthony Traveled so much in this video…

  23. We can't believe anything until we see it. 5 v 5 official game. I remember when they said The Park was fixed.. ha

  24. They press u in the playoffs on NBA2K15 and sometimes I do have SF and other positions other than PG's guarding my PG MyPlayer.

  25. Had to average 40+ points 11 assist and 11 rebounds to win on HOF in my career. For some reason I feel like it might be the same scenario, but we'll have to put in 3x the effort to do so. Better defense in a game where my 85+ teammates couldn't make an open lay up? "K"

  26. nice new engine better than getting automatically double teamed when I'm goin off in the 1st quarter

  27. can somebody tell me what that intro is thanks

  28. Most people suck at the game so i dont take alot of the comments seriously. I went 72-19 and half those losses were from lag. Other half were from people mastering rhe shot meter with one player

  29. wtf. are we supposed to be excited that the computers are going to be tougher? I already play on rookie and can't get ANY penetration.

  30. This is great, there is actually going to be challenging defense instead of driving to the basket from the sideline and getting the bucket everytime.

  31. and in my career your team mates will still be dumb af lol. they really need a animation that can split double teams in order to punish dumb double teams. with the way physics work there will be a lot of dumb double teams

  32. dont make no difference to me w.e defense they use imma still get my 30-7-9-2-1 with a biscuit on the side

  33. Good luck chrish smoove ☺😊😀😁😂😆😅

  34. czar do you mess with the game speed I do do yiu think messing with the game speed changes sim style basketball

  35. If you aint playing on HoF you aint really playing the game period

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