My Ex Girlfriend Showed Up To My Basketball Game & I Went OFF... -

My Ex Girlfriend Showed Up To My Basketball Game & I Went OFF…

Tristan Jass
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  1. TJass went off……in a staged game designed to make him look good. There's zero defense. Everyone backing off and giving him space

  2. Go and watch Tristan play in a competitive game, to see how fake this is 😂 If it was a real game, it would just be 30 minutes of Tristan standing on the 3 point land waiting for somebody to pass to him – but nobody ever does because they don't want him to turn it over 😭😆

  3. This dude is a less hyped Julian Newman thinks lighting up a church league rec game means anything

  4. Whenever I think I'm having a bad day
    I think of every HATER Tjass has to deal with and I am good.
    T…….you have talent and an ability to deal with A……..s

  5. Did your ex, ask for her shorts back?

  6. Don’t take that thirsty girl back now that you have fame. That’s all she’s back for

  7. Bruh Minnie Mouse wants her skirt back 😆. Jk. I enjoy your videos, keep it up!!!

  8. Tristan be sure you make the right moves with your girl. You got game, but, can you hook a good relation?

  9. Hands up for grandma coming out. Enjoy their love as much as you can man!

  10. If this guys gonna take you why dont any of these young guys crawl in his jersey and pressure him before he makes you look dumb anyway?

  11. It was plain-and boring then you made it look like its waiting outside paint shop to be sprayed!


    Luke 18:17
    Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.

  13. Eyyy shout out Milwaukee!!! That's my home city and I still live here. Love this city and state.

  14. Your head looks like a mop handle connected to ramen noodles as the brush

  15. Dude don’t take back an opportunistic person. Keep her as an ex.

  16. Change the title to “I INVITED my ex to my game and I went off”

  17. stop fronting on your captions!…she didnt just show up!…in begining of video she was seen walking with you bozo!

  18. I use to play 8 hours a day when I was in high school and college during the summer. Now that I'm older recover time takes a lot longer lol. Enjoy ever minute of it now.

  19. Will never back lol. This just some scrub wanna be professor

  20. I like the way you play Tristan Jass down-to-earth humble on the court keep them coming I love watching your YouTube clips

  21. There's a reason you're playing church ball lol

  22. What's up with all these young guys having a perm? Makes them look like a broccoli head. Is this a thing on Tik Tok or something?

  23. Wholesome Tjass, dudes got the biggest heart.

  24. Tjass you should do a YouTube video at my old high-school and play basketball 🏀.?

  25. Man started looking like jordon Poole when his ex showed up

  26. Did she start dating you before or after the clout you bought? I’ll assume after since you look the way you do and she looks the way she looks and wouldn’t give you the time of day if you didn’t have your paid for clout lmao how much you pay her to show up there? That’s the real question. “Hey babe come to my game and start some shit with me, I’ll give 2 racks so I can look cool in front of people on my phone” 😂 grifters gonna grift

  27. Ever since the ankle injury you are not the same basketball player as before. You don't do the fakes and swerves like before nor can you really run fast and do fast breaks. The channel is not the same. Sorry Tristan. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  28. You were slow with the professor and now, i dont see much improvement, if your ever in england ill school you too, just be real and nice…i dont feel like you understand the game and banter

  29. "Ex just 'show up'"…. 1st clip them walking in together lol

  30. Pink shorts. Tesla. tell me youre a beta boi with out telling me

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