Murray State vs. Marquette (2019): Ja Morant triple-double | FULL GAME -

Murray State vs. Marquette (2019): Ja Morant triple-double | FULL GAME

March Madness
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In a first round matchup between two of the most electric players in college basketball, Ja Morant and Murray State raced past Markus Howard and Marquette in the 2019 NCAA tournament. Morant recorded a triple-double with 17 points, 16 assists and 11 rebounds.

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  1. This is the game that made Ja Morant famous and the Alabama game

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  3. What a game and blowout = the Murray St Racers run Marquette out of the arena. And with better officiating they run it up even more = the out-of-bounds around the 56-min mark was clearly out on the Marq guys shin and Ja's massive dunk was a clear foul as well. I think on the latter the refs were watching in awe and forgot they were supposed to be officiating the game.

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  33. 55:50 It should have been Murray State’s ball because if you look clearly it goes off his knee

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  37. As fun as it was to see ja play, it’s too bad Markus Howard never got an NCAA tournament win,

  38. Imagine betting on Murray State. Can relate. Worth the bet.

  39. love how he talks on defense, seperates leaders from teammates

  40. Morant is such a gifted passer. He understands the fact that once you have the skill to get by someone, and help is drawn, the best play is to find a way to get it to your open teammate. That’s the difference between Markus Howard and Ja.

  41. who watchs the whole basketball game. the game was good

  42. Marcus Howard has game for sure, when he starts moving the ball a bit more and efficiently he’ll be even more unpredictable

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