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  1. Hansel had every right talk smack, he was breaking ankles with a disadvantage.

  2. I see future statistics not stats. Pathetic on my black “parents”

  3. Sideshow Bob is obviously better at trash talking than playing defense.

  4. Despicable behavior from kids emulating the biggest babies of the NBA…disgraceful! This is what basketball has become — drama queens putting on a clown show!

  5. I grew up playing basketball in Colombia. Probably nowhere near as good as some of these players. But acting this cocky would've got you stabbed in a visiting gym

  6. When did basketball players get so sensitive? Basketball is a physical sport act like they ain’t supposed to be touched 🤦🏿‍♂️

  7. I have played ball at most levels for about 20 years of my life I have NEVER seen this level of Unsportsmanship . I mean literally every score somebody is yapping

  8. I’d be embarrassed is my kids acted like some of these kids.

  9. These kids have a Jeffrey Dahmer vibe to them. 🤷‍♂️🤔

  10. And at end of day, nobody will remember their name

  11. It’s the culture they have learned not much sportsmanship anymore just dancing and trash talking

  12. I got suspended in middle school once and kicked off my team for giving a kid a black eye during a game for shit just like this. Bumping his chest up on me and saying all kinds of wild shit, yeah I got punished but kid never opened his mouth in disrespect again😅

  13. Newman parents are trash. Her mom going after the girl her daughter attacked pleading for the officials to have the victim thrown out for OWNING her daughter and making her quit on the court

  14. Softest culture in all of sports. Imagine that…

  15. black team of thugs think they're hard when they circle an individual lmao

  16. Nigga look goofy double teamin hansel got broken and punched on 😭🤦

  17. For the idiots in the back sometimes you have to get humbled 🤷🏽‍♂️ it’s a sport it’s competitive, your gonna get frustrated with your passion some take it to far some leave it on the court ‼️ and stop comparing sports it makes you look dumb especially comparing Mixed Martial Arts to Basketball

  18. I don’t see heated moments. I see sh*tty parenting and coaches that have let these kids get away with having egos

  19. All the trash talking needs to be stopped, period. Coaches need to step up and correct this BS!

  20. Lil league white james worthy feeling himself lil too much….its always the ones with the accessories

  21. Yes…because putting a ball through a hoop cured cancer. Just have some fun and stop thinking you get your worth from a silly game. Nobody will remember these games in a few short years. They will remember how you behaved and will (rightly or wrongly) judge your character based on those actions.

  22. The lack of sportsmanship is disgusting! Blame it on the NBA.

  23. it's a real quick way to end up getting your family shot up while you watch. be respectful – or one day you may face the wrong one

  24. Atleast they have a future playng prison ball

  25. 3:27 "had to be held back" dude he won't be doing dmg.. its a "calm down jamal, dont pull out the 9" moment.. flexing with half an arm is not it

  26. Parents can be the worst examples of bad sportsmanship during games.

  27. Disgusting display of unsportsmanlike behavior…from the parents.

  28. If I acted like that on the basketball court, my dad would stop the game and drag me off the court

  29. Americans are so obsessed with winning that even their kids don’t have fun playing sport. Actually embarrassing

  30. love the competitiveness but trash talking and disrespect is really not it

  31. Less talk more basketball would be good me thinks

  32. The Newman family is a joke 😂😂😂

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