Mom of teen who punched girl during O.C. basketball game ordered to pay more than $9K, write apology -

Mom of teen who punched girl during O.C. basketball game ordered to pay more than $9K, write apology

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A mother charged with telling her daughter to hit a rival player during a basketball game in Garden Grove last year has been ordered to pay the victim more than $9,000 and write an apology letter, officials announced Wednesday.

This video aired on the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Sept. 14, 2022.


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  1. The girl who hit her now plays for Ontario christian high school

  2. 9 grand, should have been ten times that amount – 900 hours of community service – not allowed to participate in a high school basketball game for 9 months.

  3. Anger management classes do not good when the culprit views them as an insult and doesn't want to control her anger.

  4. Anger management won’t fix anything she will just ride it out and do something similar as soon as she is allowed at games again

  5. That punishment is way way too light.
    The girl should never be allowed to play sports again. 9K times 10

  6. Some parents are their children own worse enemies.

  7. Parents don’t let your daughters play with savages.

  8. How much government cheese will it take for 9k 😂

  9. My take is that girl was being sneaky and fouling her. The mother was telling her daughter to defend herself. These people love to instigate but then cry victim when they mess around and find out !!!

  10. 9k? If she was white it would've been 9million.

  11. This is getting absolutely RIDICULOUS. These two want to act like this…WHY protect their identities? They both should be barred from participating in ANY future organized SPORTS. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙌🏽 KTLA I want to understand WHY are you hiding 🫣 the ones who are violent but showing the victim. The double standards are OBVIOUS.

  12. Watched the video to see if my assumption was correct. It was.

  13. Sounds like the mother that got her kid to murder a guy in a chicken line. I've always said hold them stupid parents accountable for they own children's actions, it's facts kids learn at home.

  14. Yeah the "write an apology" letter will really teach this despicable mother a great lesson.

  15. $9,000.00? How about some prison time tacked on to that.

  16. Honestly, that isn't enough. She needs to also do a humble meek apology to the girl too. An honest and sincere one

  17. I can’t believe a Japanese girl would hit another person… and the Japanese mom telling her daughter to do that…. What is this world coming to.

  18. whats with cell phone crappy filming of late a lot on you tube

  19. what about the daughter she should be in juvie until she is 18

  20. The mother should have been sentenced to some time in prison.
    I’m guessing the child will end up in jail in the future!

  21. Good luck! She aint gots 9gs and she cant read and write

  22. It's time to reassess the true cost of welfare on society.

  23. That is going to be a lot of welfare checks. Convicts, is that the same family that is stealing purses from all of the retail stores. Sure looks like the same group. Stay away from this group, do not hire them.

  24. If she wants to punch people take up boxing

  25. bet you the mother cant write,really think they got 9000$,good luck getting payed,what a familly,very classy bunch.

  26. That ghetto's animal, will never pay. Write? She doesn't mean it. And probably can't even write

  27. You blurred out the criminal but not the victim!? WTF!???

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