Mom gets pregame hugs from son's basketball team after his passing -

Mom gets pregame hugs from son’s basketball team after his passing

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Ely Dehart loved basketball — and hugs. Now, his team is honoring him and his family before every game.


  1. Just a question how was this child driving a vehicle at 14 yrs old your not supposed to be able to get a learners permit until 15 or 16

  2. So sorry for their loss. I can never imagine losing 1 of my son's.

  3. Im so sorry, he truly was a sweet loving soul. You will see him again

  4. Im not crying no not at all!!!!!! 😪😪😭😭😭😭

  5. He should not have been driving at that age. Poor boy, he will be missed.

  6. Damn… When you lose a spouse you are widower. When you lose a child there is no word for it. The pain must be immeasurable.

  7. shit this is hard to watch. Life is short even when you live a lifetime.

  8. This video got me crying i am so sorry for your loss I can tell it’s rough and I’m glad Ely could help save a life it’s such a blessing I hope you and your family is doing well now I am also sending good vibes and prayers for all of your family

  9. I can't imagine how hard losing a child is I almost lost my daughter last August during labor and it almost lost it God Speed

  10. that really sucks. I feel bad for the family. I must ask though what place allows a 14 year old to drive? I never heard of a state allow a 14 year to drive a truck like that.

  11. I was nervous to drive and make a left turn in a intersection at 18 years old. Idk how he was able to drive

  12. Beautiful. Crying like a 56 year old baby. This melted my heart that has been cold for so long. Maybe Ely touched me

  13. Beautiful story his memory will live on threw u thanks for sharing your story

  14. Let me just say , I’m currently crying my eyes out .

  15. It’s not selfish at all to with that your child was still here, even though he did save someone’s life which is organs, there’s always other people, older people, people that pass from old age. I don’t think it’s selfish at all to think that’s at about it. ❤️ I’m SO sorry for your loss!!!

  16. I wasn’t sure if when they said passing they meant passing a basketball or passing away

  17. Oh I thought they hugged her because before he kept hogging the ball

  18. As a father of a wonderful son and a coach to a wonderful team this hits home. RIP Ely x

  19. Can you drive at the age of 14? How was he driving that young?

  20. Nothing is more awful than the loss of a child my heart and strength goes out to this family and any other who is suffering from the loss of their child. God bless you and god bless your son as well

  21. What if it was an all girls team and the girl dad was hugging them 🤔

  22. When my niece passed, my sister always said that her baby was a blessing in life and after her passing. She was able to donate supplies for trach babies and gtube babies! God bless anyone who has had to bury their babies.

  23. Prayers to the entire family, friends, and loved ones and their health and happiness. RIP Ely Dehart. Fly High Sweet Soul. 🕊🙏🏾🕊❤️ May God Rest His Soul and Bless You All. 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️

  24. Lost my daughter Nicole Dec 5 2019 just wanted to Thank you, my daughter needed a kidney and liver, God choose to bring her home,His Love and Grace and mercy, carried me through,I count each day as a day closer to seeing Her again, God will bless me, with letting me know she with Him, like He allows her angel, to show me something at the right, time Thank you for your, gift of Love to save a Life God bless you 💔➕❤️🙏🌹

  25. God bless you mom ❤️ he’s still with you.

  26. I'm so so sorry for your loss. You are a mother in every sense of the word. You not only gave life to your son, but to others who received from your child. That means you and your husband's DNA have given a miracle to someone else. You both are parents to others and I can't think of words to describe how incredible the both of you are in giving someone else's child a chance at life. God bless both of you and may Heaven smile upon you!

  27. You look like Jamie Lyn spears 🙂 and I'm very sorry for your loss :'( were all here for u

  28. 14 years old and driving? Ik it’s legal in some states but it just seems plain out irresponsible

  29. bro this made me cry. i really tried not to cry but i did. Ely is a cool kid, still in they're hearts.

  30. He was to young to be driving by himself.

  31. What a beautiful kid.! Thanks for sharing his life with me. I can't lessen your pain and loss but I cry with your loss . Thanks for sharing.

  32. 🙏😭 my condolences May his soul Rest In Peace

  33. Rest easy, Ely. We'll take it from here, buddy.

  34. wow. such a tragedy. 14 year driving and losing control of a truck

  35. This is the America I know ,this is the America we need!Love rules the world!

  36. I’m sorry for your lost it’s sad

  37. Lost my son at 14 also, know the hurt too well. Sorry you have to experience it too. 6 yrs been gone this Dec. 22 2022. God bless you and your family.

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