(Miss the beginning) #9 Tennessee vs Wisconsin Basketball Game Highlights 11 10 2023 - bestfungamesll.com

(Miss the beginning) #9 Tennessee vs Wisconsin Basketball Game Highlights 11 10 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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(Miss the beginning) #9 Tennessee vs Wisconsin Basketball Game Highlights 11 10 2023
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  1. Tennessee has played good defense but they’ve needed an offense. This rotation could score well

  2. Y’all don’t forget that Wisconsin isn’t no joke…they were one of the teams considered by many to be a top 25 ranked team, Wisconsin received some votes. Tennessee is just that much better bc of the upgrade on the offensive end. Knecht and Jordan Gainy were brought in for that reason. This could be a historical type of team if they can get it fully together with some luck along the way to possibly a final four or even championship appearance… Go VOLSSSS 🍊 🍊 🍊 now let’s hope we can beat Missouri tomorrow in football 🏈

  3. As a Wisco fan I am not mad in the slightest about this game. We just dropped 70 on a rly good defense.

  4. Well is Wisconsin doesn’t miss a shit lod of free throws this is a different game.

  5. Whal must be thirty by now. If it were not the skill of Minnesota players Wisconsin would become nothing more than a memory.

  6. Wisconsin is going to be a good team this year🎉

  7. 25:18 GREAT FUCKING JOB BOYS!!!! Indeed James, Indeed. GO VOLS!!!

  8. Wisconsin could have won had they made more free throws. Overall, it was a very good tough fought game:)

  9. As a Hog fan….Tennessee make me nervous to play. They look strong.

  10. Tennessee gotta get some players to the NBA damn 😂

  11. Don't overlook Syracuse or it might be fatal…

  12. Matthew Loves Ball are you not doing football games anymore?????!!! What the Heck dude? I used to watch your channel almost everyday but if your not going to do football anymore I'm OUT. I appreciate all the past football games you did. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start doing football games again!! Thanks

  13. rodeo clown prison pants sweat pants on tennessee bench

  14. thank you for the posts man! your account has become my nightly recap routine during the school year

  15. Tennessee hasn’t had an offense like this since the 2018-19 team with Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield, Bowden, and Bone.

  16. Wisconsin beat themselves it was theirs to win and couldn’t make free throws or open shots.They should have won

  17. This is the best team Tennessee under Barnes. This team could win it all… super excited!!! Go Vols!

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