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Minnehaha Academy vs. Hopkins High School Basketball – Jalen Suggs – Cornell Richarson

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Recorded 12-17-19

Jalen Suggs

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  1. i can't stand a chance to them. I'm done with professional basketball.

  2. Ccx Media High School Musical The Musical The Series Premiere 0:16

  3. Can someone explain to me why the dribble in 12:35 is not a travel? Some people are calling this travel, some don't. Looking at the flow of the play, it doesn't really look like a travel but according to the rule book, after holding the ball, he literally takes 3 steps. Should I count the first step as the gathering step or 0th step?

  4. Will you guys be posting a Hopkins girls game???

  5. Had to put Jalen Suggs in the title for the clout

  6. I'm all for supporting Hopkins,, but the Hopkins fans are so rude and disresectful like calling the other team trash and stuff you can tell most of them don't even play sports.

  7. is none going to talk about how the girls are there to support the boys. love how they support eachother

  8. I dont even know any of them or even their schools, but this is easily one of the most exciting basketball matches i've ever seen

  9. i honestly wonder was paige here for the hopkins boys team or to support jalen

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  12. Late happy. Independent day July 4. Lil bro. Jaden. Sung

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