Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Full Game 6 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs -

Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Full Game 6 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

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  1. Love these two teams, none of them celebrates really tough shots until the end of the game. its make it and get back.

  2. this series should be in eastern conference final.

  3. 5:50 how do you stop that?……………………….travel 🤣🤣🤣😭

  4. Giannis bucket @ 5:55 to make it 80-68, Mike Breen says "how do you stop that?" – and he's right. Giannis literally took 4 steps on the play. Dude's a freak but he gets away with way too much.

  5. Congrats to the Celtics. That was a tough game. Hopefully we can steal the next one. Go Bucks!

  6. Celtics deserves more. Celtics is a better team as well as quite physical and good shooter. Bucks was very lucky in a few games…

  7. About basketball,if you feel power like soul,it just beside you,not bad,not a pity.

  8. so they dont call charging fouls anymore?

  9. As a bucks fan I think we were kinda lucky in game 3 and 5 and unless Jrue, Bobby and Allen actually step up, Im afraid celtics will win today

  10. No dirty players.
    No dirty coaches.
    This is what proffesional should be.
    Not like the dirty player Draymond Green.
    Not like the dirty coach Steve Kerr.
    Not like the dirty player Dennis Rodman.
    Not like the dirty coach Phil Jackson.
    Dirty coaches must have penalties due to no strings attached to injections of dirty players. NBA ethics on coaches are highly Questionable!

  11. Not over till the fat lady sings…GO BUCKS GO 🦌🏆🏀🏆

  12. Milvake bucks sadece yanis oynuyor birazda jo holiday başka yok böyle takım olmaz yanis olmasa playof a bile giremecek bir takım ama bostonceltic te j.tatum olmasa yinede playofa girer ve bu seviyede oynar aradaki fark bu biri takım oyunu diğeri tek bir kişiye endeksli bir takım herzaman takım olan kazanır yanis bu seriyi kazansa bile bu playof u tamamlayamaz bu surelerle nerdeyse 45dk ortalama bu yoğunlukta bir yerden patlak verir devam etmez ama boston bu seriyi kazanırsa sampion olur garanti

  13. Bucks coach with fail decisions lead the bucks to 7 …!!!

  14. Gianni's being a one man show will be his downfall.Celtics gameplan
    is working.Let Gianni's shoot away and not get his teammates involved and Gianni's will turnover the ball alot.Celtics don't care how many points Gianni's gets cause the more he shoots the better chance Celtics will win.Bucks are stupid to not figure that out yet.😂😂😂😂

  15. When it’s about do or die champ’s heart will talk.. go go Bucks!!

  16. The fact that the Bucks took this to a game 7 without Middleton is crazy. This team is so good and Giannis is only getting better. Scary shit

  17. Tatum and Jaylen Brown are turning out to be, what Kawhi and PG were supposed to be

  18. I think this guy is a bucks fan, how can all the highlights be of bucks scoring?? I don't know if you'll post the highlights tomorrow after the Celtics eliminate the bucks

  19. giannis and jt just too good for their team

  20. Where can i watch game 7 live?I'm from Europe so u know.

  21. JT willed his team to not be eliminated, just awesome

  22. Step back…..baaaaaaang! Man you got to love Mike Breen.

  23. This Celtics team has range everywhere. Need another Jrue Holiday on the team lol.

  24. Jayson tatum and team vs Giannis and Ref.

  25. Jason was incredibly Bucks they cannot win unless they stop them

  26. Boston is the best team in the league this year, no doubt

  27. Then I am thinking. Why can't lopez, portis and giannis choke the offensive center.

    Giannis basically been double and even triple teamed. And forced to run a lot and coved too much offense and defense.

  28. Bucks have the worst team in the NBA without their Star Player. Dude has almost no help

  29. Boston Celtics for life. It's our year. Respect to giannis and the bucks have a nice trip back 😉

  30. 6:48 was a ridiculous shot. Shot clock winding down, elimination game, 4th quarter, momentum is going Milwaukee's way, you're in Milwaukee, you just lost a 14 point lead at home in game 5, and still nothing but net.

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