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Mikey Williams HEATED GAME Made San Ysidro players GO OFF!

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Mikey Williams had one heated game vs Bona Vista and when tempers were flaring San Ysidro players took advantage! Mikey Williams and JJ Taylor showed out for the crowd!


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  1. Bro 33 on white has walked/traveled like 100 times and I’m only 4mins in 😂

  2. What a thug! So cool to see him try and be tough! He missing his gun!

  3. Couldnt leave that gang hood Lifestyle though man got it out the mud was poor as dirt from day 1 and got it out the projects #respect

  4. love to see that WB get shoved down like a little….. !!!

  5. Bro Mikey would've made every dunk if he tried come on now

  6. What a joke, this shit is embarrassing for the game

  7. He’s a shooter too!! And I’m not talking about basketball. He must be committed to Ja Morant University 🔫🔫😂

  8. Keep that same energy when your playing against an actual skilled basketball team

  9. Thank goodness Mikey didn’t start shooting at people with his handgun.

  10. mike's team played joking go f0ck y0urs3lf kk

  11. 12 was all about it then that kid put his hands up and he backed down real fast

  12. Don't see Mikey making it in the NBA, could play over sea's.

  13. they played dirty to get rid of a key player.

  14. Oh wow — imagine my shock that the same group of emotionally stunted, lack of impulse control, are highlighted in yet another video

  15. game score was made by both teams with the fouls they got 😂


  17. #2 can dunk, didnt see him shoot he ball once

  18. Bonita basketball and crowd should be embarrassed. That was pathetic.

  19. Sure there are some nice highlights but as a coach I saw a lack of discipline, a lack of control = sloppy basketball. What I like to tell my kids is "act like you've been here before"

  20. They all look so tough and so cool… dipshits.

  21. Before 12 push back he didn’t mean to grab onto him

  22. This is the problem today with youth basketball. If you notice the coaches said nothing after a fight almost breaking out! They have no honor or respect for the game or themselves. Then you end up with players like Ja who don't understand why their behavior is a problem! Lost generation!!!

  23. They have no right to get loud ever time they score didn't they lose😂😭

  24. The number 2 in San ysidro is a futur kevin durant , sure

  25. Yo number 2 in the first clip was like Nah you ain't coming over here

  26. y´all mfers need to stop throwing punches in the middle of the court wtf is wrong with u guys

  27. I gotta say, I watched the whole game, wish I could see the complete. Great game to watch, Props to Bonita Vista for playing with heart and desire. Very good coaching on BV side. As far as San Ysidro, they have three (3) very talented players, great full court defense. But despite the win, they will need to improve the basics and the discipline. Not bashing, just advice from a HS BB Coach, UIL referee , and a city in Texas that holds multiple state championships. College will be 5 levels above this, be prepared. Sure would like to see JJ, Mikey and Gerardo make it, they have natural skill.

  28. the shit teams always got the loud ass crowd 💀

  29. on the blue team they should have punched it in to numberf 20 big clark kent , they couldnt stop him

  30. Wtf is that little cop gon do they all 6 feet or more😂

  31. esse jogo só tem falta meu deus futebol melhor

  32. danggg homie i bet they both won championship
    or became runner up

  33. I could shoot way better if I had a sleeve cuz like I played so much basketball that by tendon in y elbow is pulling away from my bone well I think that what the doctor said

  34. San Ysidro. 16-20-22-25—–83
    Bonita Vista 19-12-17-16—–64
    PG: Mikey Williams: 10 Points 4 Reb 12 Ast 1 Stl 1 Blk
    SG: Gerardo Guerrero: 16 Points 6 Reb 4 Ast 3 Stl
    SF: Ty Ingram: 10 Points 1 Ast 3 Stl
    PF: JJ Taylor: 32 Points 5 Reb 4 Ast 1 Stl 1 Blk
    C: Andrei Tovar: 9 Points 10 Reb 1 Ast 2 Blk
    Lance Arbury: 0 Points 2 Reb 1 Ast
    Princeton Metu: 0 Points 1 Reb 1 Ast 1 Stl
    Steven Evans: 4 Points 2 Reb 1 Stl
    Miles Anderson: 2 Points 1 Stl

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