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Mike Rosario McDonald’s All America Basketball Game

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Mike Rosario Highlights 2008 McDonald’s All-America Game


  1. where is he now? why is he not in the nba?

  2. Hey Mike, I use to kick you out of the afterschool program in Duncan Project. I am very happy that you are doing something positive.Keep up the good work. -Mr. Barry

  3. debutará con la selección nacional juvenil (Sub 19) de Puerto Rico el año que viene en el Mundial en Nueva Zelanda (Sub 19)

  4. Roocsey, you are a funny dude. Keep them coming.

  5. Nah little Ricky, it ain't reverse psychology. Can I call you Ricky. I realize you are big man sending blind comments on the internet. I think it is funny. Since we are talking about the women in my family, I got a few aunts, cousins you can get at. How about that? Hit me up.

  6. Sticky Ricky,God loves you more than me? Interesting. Seems like you got some hate for Mike Rosario. You need to do your research. I didn't post the video. If you spitting that blood stuff, you definitely aren't going to the NBA. It would be funny if you did and went to a team like the Nuggets. You would have to rock the crypt blue. I saw Mo Clady on the internet, but not you. You are a non-descript, a non_NBA prospect. Give me a link to your highlight film . Jerking off is not a highlight.

  7. If you are Nick Freeman, your video doesn't even work. You are bragging about crossing over dudes, did you score or set up your man to score. The game is more than crossing dudes up. NBA prospect-BS!! "NBA= Nother Blood A-HOLE"

    First Ricky, get your video game up, then get back at me. What's cracking?

  8. I see you went and updated your highlight reel Ricky. Not impressed at all if that was you, SLOB!!!!! I'm done with you. Have a good life and oh yeah, what's crackin and remember to wipe off your keyboard.

  9. Scored 54 points against France today at the U19 FIBA chamipionship!

  10. I though he was transferrin to Tennessee. And now i see he ended up in Florida? Thats the final destination?

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